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Yellow Labrador Retriever Ace Swynnerton’s life came to a peaceful close on Monday morning, Dec. 10, after a full, twelve playful and loving years.

Ace was a constant and loyal companion to owner Joe Swynnerton, as well as to numerous other self-proclaimed “co-owners” in his Kingsland lakeside neighborhood. Ace loved lake life, and could commonly be seen running alongside Joe, greeting neighbors on the street with his smiling and easy going manner. Ace was also an expert “lizard-er” and was an ever-vigilant guardian against the suspicious daily activities of UPS and FedEx ground delivery. His spirit was a large as his Lab stature, as he would gently nose and accept never ending rubs from all.

Ace will rest in gentle peace. He loved deeply and brought richness to everyone’s life!

Ace passed away after a short battle with a rapidly spreading form of cancer. Since dogs lack the ability to communicate or complain about their health, behavior monitoring is crucial to catching cancer in its early stages.

Any behavior change should be interpreted as “real talk.” Preventative veterinary sonograms are critical in detecting cancer while it is still treatable. Please “listen” to your aging pet and love them by giving them more than the minimum annual examination.

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