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Jasper was abandoned at a 4-way stop sign east of Austin when he was about 6 months old. Our friends recognized what a prince he was and took home him to their farm. But after about a year he started wandering around the area and chasing the neighbors’ cows. They called us and asked if we might like to have him. Well, we took him home “just for a day or two,” to see if he could adapt to living in a 2-bedroom duplex, and he did. He walked on a leash just fine, never pooped in the house, and he never chewed anything up at all – ever. Total Keeper.

Jasper had a sense of presence about him that was easy to see, and you could feel it. He had dignity. But he was also really loving and affectionate, and he could be a scamp, too.

On Jan. 30 Jasper passed away – he was 13 years old. His illness was brief and elusive, and even with the very best of medical tests all we really know for sure was that he was ready. It was both heart wrenching and perfect in its own way, and we are left now with a deep and unforgettable gratitude for having had him in our lives, and in our hearts, for the last eleven years.

I think that once you’ve been touched by real love like that, and the joy of simple everyday companionship — so deeply, again and again — it never really ever goes away. And who says it has to? One thing we have learned from this whole thing is, we believe in dogs. Dogs are good for humans, and humans are good for dogs. We bring out the best in each other. And we know that you know that, too.

~Stan Peyton

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