Bertram officials look forward to new city hall

The R Bank at the corner of Vaughan and Grange Streets will be the site of Bertram’s new city hall next year.

By Emily Hilley-Sierzchula

Bertram city officials purchased the R Bank building and parking lot earlier this month to be the site of its city hall next year. R Bank is building another bank near the town; once that building is finished, renovations can start on the new city hall, said Mayor Dickie Allen Tuesday, Nov. 25.

“We’ve purchased the building but we haven’t taken possession of it yet,” he explained.

The building is at the corner of Vaughan and Grange Streets in downtown Bertram.

“Only a few” renovations will be needed, he said, and he hopes work can begin by January or February next year.

In addition to more space and parking because of the parking lot included in the $285,000 purchase, the police department will have its own home in the present city hall building.

The city will no longer pay rent to the volunteer fire department there to rent part of their building to the police department.

City officials have been planning for the purchase for more than a year, and negotiating for more than 6 months. “We had to borrow some of the money,” Allen said.

Allen said it was important that city hall remain downtown. “A lot of people can still walk to city hall and don’t have to deal with traffic out on the highway [TX 29] when they come to pay their water bills,” he said.

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“It will be a nice thing for the city of Bertram,” he said.

Currently, the new R Bank is being framed.

At its city council meeting Tuesday, Nov. 18, the council was approached by the owners of Ladybug’s Septic Tank Pumping, located in Burnet, seeking permission to use the city’s waste water treatment plant to dump septic waste. 

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