Laudenschlager, Lester, Thurman elected in Burnet


With three positions up for grabs on Burnet City Council during the May 7 election Joyce Laudenschlager will remain on the council after receiving the most votes during the election.

Danny Lester coming in 202 votes will take his new position on the council and Phillip Thurman will retain his position on City Council after coming in with the third most votes of 189, beating out candidate Paul Shell who received 167 votes.

“I will work to bring the term ‘WE’ back to our city council, all the votes and decisions I make will be for all the citizens of Burnet,” said Lester after the final votes.

“I will be conservative yet I will be very progressive to bring new ideas to the council and businesses to our city,

“Lastly, I would like to thank the voters of Burnet for their confidence in me and I promise I will not let you down,” said Lester.

In addition, during the election Bertram Mayor candidate Cynthia Anderson beat opponent John Mandigo with a 64 to 25 vote and Kim Klose will continue to hold her seat on the Bertram Council board, while Adam Warden will be a fresh face to the council as he take the position previously held by Anderson.

“Cynthia taking my place should be a smooth transition, and I am not going anywhere so if she needs me I will be around, all she has to do it call,” said Dickie Allen, current Bertram Mayor.

“As far as Adam goes he is a fourth generation here in Bertram so he should do good, being new to the council always comes with a learning curve but I think Adam will do just fine,”said Allen.

The Burnet Consolidated School Board election brought in Kingsland native Earl Foster as the new face for Position 1, beating opponent Rick Prewitt with a 497 to 328 vote.

“I am really excited and looking forward to giving back to the school who did so much for my kids,” said Foster.

“My goals being on school board will be working with the other board members, superintendent and teacher, getting test scores up and working towards our goals in ‘Crafting for the Future’,” said Foster.

After receiving 108 votes and Andy Feild will retain his position in Place 5 after coming in with a total of 112 votes beating out opponent Kerry Carroll, who received 98 votes.

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