BAM develops 'Support your local heroes' program



The Burnet Associates of Merchants (BAM) wants to help Burnet County residents show their support of local hero’s.

In collaboration with One More Thing Signs and JB’s Quick ship residents can now purchase a 2x3 banner showing their support for local Law Enforcement, EMS and military branches at just cost to produce.

“Each banner represents the support we, as Burnet County citizens show to the men and women who walk the thin line daily between life and death to protect and serve,” said John Will, BAM  President.

“They are forced to face their own fears and grasp for every once of courage to perform the necessary task, as well as separating the good from the bad while creating order from chaos,”

“We didn’t do it to make any profit; we just want to help any way we can show our support to the local hero’s who put their life on the line everyday,”

Residents can chose from three different designs in addition to either a 2x3 banner or a ceroplastic yard sign customized with a business or individual name.

The red, white and blue stripped support sign along with the black stripped sign can be ordered from One More Thing Sign Shop at 1904 West Highway 29 in Burnet or by calling 512-756-0362.

The white with the American Ribbon can be ordered from JB’s Quick Ship at 600 Sought Highway 281 in Burnet or by calling 512-756-7290.

Pricing for the 2x3 banners are $25, with the ceroplastic yard signs possibly varying in price so the sign shops will need to be contacted in order to price the yard signs.

“It was an idea BAM had and the sign shops were all for it,” said Will.

“It is truly great that these shops are willing to put in the man hours and time to make these signs for nothing more than cost,”

“Burnet has the opportunity to really show their support and we want to encourage everyone to do so, especially in times like this,” said Will.

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