Burnet County shows support for local heroes



In light of the shooting that took five Dallas police lives last week, Burnet County residents rallied around the local law enforcement teams to show their support for the men and women in uniform.

Burnet City Police got a special surprise on Friday, July 8, when four-year-old Leilani Cullen brought $5 gift cards from MOJO’s Coffee for each officer as well as Wells Fargo Bank delivering breakfast for the team.

“The city of Burnet has always shown their support for our police department, it doesn’t take a shooting to know that they always back us,” said Paul Nelson, Burnet Chief of Police.

“But when something like this occurs and these people take their time out to show us how much they support us, makes it an honor to serve this community and we greatly appreciate it,”

The City of Burnet Police department was not the only law enforcement team that was rallied around after the shooting in Dallas took place.

The Burnet County Sheriff’s department was also shown that their duties as law enforcement officers did not go unnoticed.

In a social media post the Burnet County Sheriff Thanked many citizens and businesses who had gathered in support of them by delivering food and picking up checks at local restaurants for officers on duty.

“We are humbled by the support our citizens and businesses have shown to all Burnet County Law Enforcement,” said Joey Canady, Burnet County Chief Deputy.

“We stand a little taller because of it,”

Marble Falls Police Department also took to social media to express their gratitude after many individuals and businesses visited the department.

Numerous Thank you cards with heartfelt words of support and a bundle of hand-made cards by children throughout our community expressing their gratitude for Police Officers were delivered as well as food, drinks and goodies for the Officers and staff to enjoy throughout the day.

“The amount of support we have seen is overwhelming, here in Burnet County and throughout the Country, it is sad that it had to take what happened in Dallas to bring this about,” said Mark Whitacre, Marble Falls Chief of Police.

 “And our hearts and prayers go out to the officers who died and the families who lost loved ones in the Dallas shooting,” said Whitacre.

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