GSPD nabs men wanted on Burnet hotel burglary charges



Two Granite Shoals men were arrested on charges stemming from an alleged burglary at a Burnet hotel in May.

Joaquin “Quino” Vincente-Juni Ramirez, 26, was arrested June 18 outside his home in Granite Shoals on burglary of a habitation charge, and Leon Aubrey-Herman Small, also 26, was arrested on June 2.

Granite Shoals officers apprehended Ramirez outside his home on Valley View Lane in Granite Shoals after seeing his vehicle in the area.

When officers attempted to execute the arrest on warrant from Burnet County Justice of the Peace Pct. 2, Ramirez fled on foot toward his home. Granite Shoals officers pursued Ramirez into his yard, where Granite Shoals Police Chief Gary Boshears said he resisted arrest and kicked one officer in the groin as they tried to secure him.

Ramirez was arrested on the warrant as well as on charges of evasion of arrest with prior convictions, a state jail felony, resisting arrest, a class A misdemeanor, assault on a public servant, a third-degree felony, and possession of marijuana, a class B misdemeanor, which Boshears said they discovered on his person.

Police are still investigating other charges surrounding the incident of his arrest, Boshears said.

Ramirez was wanted on charge of burglary of a habitation after he allegedly stole from persons staying at a local hotel.

According to a Burnet Police arrest affidavit, officers went to Best Western in Burnet on May 7 after it had been reported that a theft took place in the early morning hours.

The affidavit said that one man, three women and an infant girl were staying at the hotel located at 908 Buchanan Drive overnight.

According to witness accounts, one man and one woman left to “go to a friend's house to a barbecue.” The mother of the infant, thought to be Ramirez' girlfriend, was trying to get the baby to sleep, and the third woman stayed to help her, wrote Burnet Police Investigator Nolan Hicks.

“...Twenty minutes after they (the first man and woman) left the room, there was a knock at the door,” he reported.

The women thought it was the man and first woman returning, so they opened the door.

Ramirez, also known as 'Quino,' and a black male subject “with gold teeth and many tattoos, (later identified as Small) barged into the room,” Hicks reported, and then Ramirez began screaming at the women, telling them “they (Ramirez and Small) had been following them all day long and knew that there was a male staying at the room with them.”

Hicks reported that when the two men entered the room, Small locked the door behind them and would not allow either of them to leave the room. Ramirez was allegedly threatening to “bust a bottle over his (the male victim) head, steal his truck, and beat him up.”

Ramirez and Small waited there for about 45 minutes until the male and female returned to the room. During that time, the two men refused to allow the women outside to smoke, or to use their telephones, Hicks reported.

Once the male victim and first female returned, “Ramirez immediately got up into (his) face telling hime he was going to rob him… everyone was screaming and yelling and trying to step in,” Hicks wrote.

The male victim tried to leave the room, but Small would not let him out of the door.

“Ramirez started pulling on (the male victim's) backpack and was finally able to 'rip' the backpack off (him),” Hicks reported. Then Ramirez and small fled the room.

The victim told police that all his things were in the black backpack that was taken, including a tablet computer, clothing and several prescription drugs that he lawfully possessed.


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