Burkhart takes reigns as BHS Principal



Casey Burkhart is no stranger to the Burnet Consolidated Independent School District (BCISD) after he has served as Assistant Principal at Burnet High School since 2012.

“I grew up coming to Lake Buchanan and always pictured myself as becoming part of the community here,” said Burkhart.

Burkhart who grew up in Taylor, Texas, graduated from Thrall High School, which is a rural community like Burnet, just outside of Taylor.

In his early years, Burkhart blossomed in the Taylor community with his two sisters Kristi and Emma, as well as his parents Mark and Devvie.

Burkhart then spent his middle school and high school years with his dad and stepmother Susan after his father remarried following his divorce from Devvie.

“I get a lot of my attributions from my mom as well as my dad and Susan,” said Burkhart.

“My mother works in an office for physical therapy, so there’s the office side, and then my stepmother is a English teacher and my dad trains employees to operate heavy equipment for like coal mines and things, so there’s the teacher part,”

After graduation, Burkhart attended the University of Texas in Austin where he received his degree in Math in 2006.

He then started working for the Taylor ISD as a math teacher and basketball coach.

During his employment with Taylor ISD, Burkhart attended Sul Ross University, where he received his masters degree in educational leadership.

 “The impact I had growing up from my teachers in school, is what made me know that when I grew up I was going to work for the school system,” said Burkhart.

Once receiving his masters, Burkhart accepted the position as Vice Principal in Crystal City, which is about two hours southwest of San Antonio.

“I was only there for the 2009, 2010 school year when Thrall asked me to come back and be the Principal for the Middle School and High School,” said Burkhart.

Burkhart then spent the next two school years developing the young minds in Thrall before the position for Assistant Principal in Burnet came open.

“I knew I wanted to be in a bigger school district than 1A, like Thrall is,” said Burkhart.

“And I always envisioned myself in Burnet since my trips to Lake Buchanan,”

“When the opportunity arose in Burnet I knew that Kincaid and McBurnett were a part of the school district, and working with men of their caliber is exactly what I wanted to do,” said Burkhart.

In April of 2016, Principal Mark Kincaid announced his retirement from Burnet High School and Burnet CISD board appointed Burkhart as his replacement to take the reigns starting July 1.

“I was excited when they chose me,” said Burkhart.

“There is such a great staff in place that I have great relationships with and I am looking forward to be more involved with students and the community,”

Burkhart said working with and knowing the systems in place has made him prepared to transition from Assistant Principal to Principal as well as know what changes need to take place and his previous principal skills.

“My three big focuses for the year are: Supporting teachers in increasing student achievement through their Professional Learning Communities and Common Planning processes; Developing a culture of college and career readiness; Developing a culture of Spirit, Pride, and Honor; Increasing student self responsibility and positive behavior choices,” said Burkhart.

“And also, bringing back some of the rich traditions of Burnet High School such as the bonfire during homecoming week will be a key to our culture of Spirit, Pride, and Honor,”

Burkhart says his wife Meredith’s support was a deciding factor in taking the positions.

“Our conversations we have had about impacting the community through education helped me decide and apply for the position,” said Burkhart.

Burkhart and Meredith recently married in April of 2016 met about two and half years ago.

“She was a nurse at Breckenridge and one night she was out with her friends in Austin and I was out with some friends of mine in Austin,” said Burkhart.

Meredith has since then transferred to Scott and White in Marble Falls as well as in a Doctorate of Nursing Program at The University of Arkansas.

“We love Burnet and the rich tradition of Spirit, Pride and Honor and hope one day soon to start a family here,” said Burkhart.

In the meantime, you can find Burkhart with his wife somewhere outdoors, restoring classic cars, training in Crossfit or helping his neighbor build a shed.

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