Dawgs tested by Lions in first scrimmage

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The Burnet Bulldog football teams traveled to Brownwood on Friday to finally test themselves against someone other than their own teammates. What awaited was a tough pop-quiz of a team full of Lion pride. If touchdowns were all that mattered to you, then the Lions got the edge on all three Burnet teams, but there’s a lot more to learn at a scrimmage than endzone celebrations.

It was actually a good look for both squads on every level.

The JV and freshman teams got off to a later start than expected, but once the bad weather cleared out it was go time. Fans quickly found out that running back Donavan Seiley can take a licking and keep on ticking and that freshman Hunter King can rattle your jaw.

There was plenty of success, but weak areas were also exposed and that’s what scrimmages are for.

The Lions started off more aggressive but it didn’t take long to get the Dawgs fired up. After a little extra-curricular activity on several occasions the Dawgs bowed up and went tow-to-toe against a quality opponent. That’s the kind of football fans love to see and when that time came those little hairs began to raise even for some in the stands.

That spirit, pride and honor started glowing on the field and for every big hit taken there was a payback soon after. Things got a little heated at times and if that short lived scrimmage is any indication on how exciting this upcoming season will be Bulldog fans may be in for a treat.

It was fun to watch the different responses to adversity and while the underclassmen earned some respect our varsity men earned the highest test score.

You rarely see a 15 yard penalty gain props, but from a fan standpoint, and since it was just a scrimmage, many fans applauded the action of Carlos Herrera. Sometimes enough is enough and if the refs don’t won’t to do their job one periodically has to force their hand.

Those in attendance had to be loving the elevation of intensity as the scrimmage progressed. The never quit effort of Jordan Godfrey, the I don’t care how big you are attitude of Michael Lindley, and the passion of many other athletes saying please put me there coach.

It was a better finish than start for all three Bulldog teams.

Burnet defensive coordinator Jerod Rye had many good things to say following Friday’s scrimmage.

“We left the scrimmage feeling real good about our athletes. Brownwood has a lot of returning starters from their 2015 quarter-final team that was only six point shy of the state semi-finals. In practice we’ve told our guys just bring us your effort every day and we’ll coach you up from there, they did that in Brownwood,” said Rye.

“We were proud of their performance, they didn’t take plays off, rallied well and stayed positive. There were some mental mistakes that we will work on in practice, but we were overall pleased,” added Rye.

Scrimmages don’t always reflect normal game play.

“I can speak for the offense to some extent because I’m also in those meetings. We didn’t go into that scrimmage with a game plan to beat Brownwood, but instead to learn more about our team. We were more focused on learning what our guys strengths and weakness were for when the games matter. We left feeling really good about the future possibilities of this team,” added Rye.

From a players standpoint senior offensive lineman Carlos Herrera had this to say about the scrimmage, “We did a lot better than expected against the No.6 ranked team in the state in Class 4A. As far as the offensive line we had some bright spots but also made some mental mistakes that hurt us, but that’s stuff we can clean up. I felt our offense played hard but we still have to earn some trust. I loved the intensity our defense played with also. Friday night we will get a better idea of how good we really are when the live quarter starts. We know we can throw the ball with all the talent we have at receiver but our offensive line is going to earn trust and respect for times when we need to run the ball.”

Burnet senior wide-receiver/safety Drew Kiser said, “I felt like we played aggressive on both sides of the ball. The offense moved the ball well and the defense played hard against their run game. As a team I feel like we did a good job of keeping our composure and staying focused. Brownwood was good competition and gave us a good look at the level of play we’ll have to play in order to be successful this year. Now as far as Wimberley I expect them to play hard and fast like Brownwood, so it should be another good look for us before the season starts.”

Fans are excited to see their hometown boys back in action this Friday at Bulldog Stadium versus Wimberley. JV and freshman will kick off at 5:30 p.m. followed by the varsity which will begin at 7:00 p.m.

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