Hampton remembered during somber anniversary



A year has passed since the final alarm sounded for Daniel Hampton of Burnet County.

Sept. 18 marked the anniversary of the date when Hampton lost his life while transporting a patient via Burnet Fire and EMS ambulance, colliding with the rear-end of a Peterbilt truck-tractor rig that had stopped on east TX-29 to make a left-hand turn onto a private drive.

Hampton had been with Burnet Fire and EMS Department for two years prior to his death and was the first paramedic that the city has lost in the line of duty.

“He was one of the best drivers I’ve ever ridden with,” said Travis Tschoerner, fellow Burnet EMT in a previous interview. “We never thought it could happen to someone like him,”

Burnet EMS Coordinator Lealand Raiford said the one-year anniversary of Daniel’s death opened some old wounds amongst the Burnet first responder family.

“It’s a delicate situation, but we have tried to continue on with the mission to protect and serve the community with the accident still on our minds,” said Raiford. “The memories are there and will always be there for Daniel, we just have to work our way through them.” 

Over the weekend, the Burnet City Fire department held a private ceremony in honor of Hampton.

During the ceremony the Fire department invited all of the Hampton family as well as all the first responders and their families.

“This last year we haven’t had a lot of time to get together so we made sure that happened,” said Raiford.

The department hosted a dinner in which all of the department’s families and the Hampton family, including Hampton’s parents attended, flying in from Georgia.

“It was a very somber celebration of life,” said Raiford.

After the dinner Raiford and the rest of the department unveiled a memorial plaque in honor of Hampton.

The memorial was placed near the back of the fire department property at a tree that was donated by Backbone Valley Nursery.

“Daniel’s children were really excited to have a place to come and remember their dad,” said Raiford.

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