A Letter from Burnet FD LAFS Clowns

Dear Parents,

We know that you may be concerned with all of the news and social media stories about "creepy clowns". Please understand that the majority of these "sightings" are hoaxes and they have been called in by the very people looking for the attention. The best thing you can do as a parent of children who have already been affected by these stories is to reassure your children that the people doing this are not real clowns. They are people wearing rubber masks who are being mean. Real clowns bring happiness, fun and joy into the lives of others. A clown's make-up is used to enhance the their facial features and emotions, not to cover up their face. Their costumes are colorful and fun.
Please do not reinforce the irrational fear that is being perpetrated on your communities by mean people making poor decisions. Please do not advocate violence towards anyone. Please do not continue this social media hoax by continuing to pass along pictures, memes, and messages that advocate violence towards clowns or pictures of creepy people dressed as clowns. These are things you can be responsible for. Protect your children by reacting in rational and reasonable manner to these stories.
On our end, we will continue to educate and entertain your children. We will continue to teach messages of Life and Fire Safety. We will continue to act in a professional manner to honor the art of clowning. We will continue to do those things that improve and strengthen our communities by teaching your children about Life And Fire Safety.

Burnet FD LAFS

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