Power Dawgs show heart at Heart of Texas meet in Brady

No matter what you compete in there are anxious moments in every sport. Pictured above Burnet junior Alex Barry is living one of those moments in the sport of powerlifting as she waits for results to light up. A big smile soon appeared when the white lights lit-up her platform, signifying a good deadlift and a new personal best of 305 pounds. Barry also colleted a bronze medal in her class with a 270 squat, 155 bench, and 305 deadlift for a 730 total.


By Wayne Craig Bulletin sports As expected it was a tough meet for many of Burnet’s powerlifters in Brady last week, but there was a lot of heart shown out of our local lifters. Five girls and five boys from Burnet brought home hardware for their efforts in their respective weight classes, they are as follows. Leading the boys team was Noe Martinez who captured gold in the 123 class; Martinez was the only Burnet lifter to earn gold. Roger Craig collected a bronze medal in the 220 class, Ryan Jackson finished fourth in the 148s, while Laken Behrens did the same in the 198 class, and Dylan Wilson added more to Burnet’s team total with a fifth place finish in the 132s. On the girls’ side Burnet had three silver medalists. They were Julyssa Silvia in the 97 pound division, Jayci Craig took second in the 148’s and Brailey Hall did so in the 181’s. Alex Barry finished behind Hall to earn a bronze in the 181 class, while Leah Ng claimed fourth in the 259 division. Brady was the final scheduled meet for most of Burnet’s lifters however a last chance meet may be in the cards for a few. The following is a list of how all Burnet athletes finished in their class including totals. Boys 123: Noe Martinez, first, 755. 132: Dylan Wilson, fifth, 740. 148: Ryan Jackson, fourth, 925; and Jake Burkhalter, 10, 760. 198: Laken Behrens, fourth, 945. 220: Roger Craig, third, 1,260. 242: Cameron Johnson, sixth, 1,025. 275: Colby Rogers, sixth, 1,195; and Zac Hudgins, seventh, 1,185. Girls 97: Julyssa Silva, second, 485. 114: Stephanie Garcia, 10, 430. 123: Makayla Martinez, seventh, 535; and Emmerson Walker, 11, 465. 132: Sidney Reyes, eighth, 500. 148: Jayci Craig, second, 750; Arika Dickinson, seventh, 660. 165: Crystal Rios, sixth, 615; Emma Nisely, ninth, 525. 181: Brailey Hall, second, 845; and Alex Barry, third, 730. 259: Leah Ng, fourth, 665. The girls’ Division II Region II meet is scheduled for March 2 at Academy High School, while the boys regional meet is scheduled for March 11 at Waco Robinson High School.

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