LCRA step forward to clean up around YMCA

Randy Longoria, park supervisor and employee with the City of Burnet for the past 12 years, operates a tractor to help clean out brush and trees during the Steps Forward event held Friday, March 31, at the YMCA of the Highland Lakes.


By Amy Prayer Burnet Bulletin The Lower Colorado River Authority was out in force in Burnet last week for LCRA Steps Forward Day on Friday, March 31. LCRA Steps Forward is an employee volunteer program that launched in 2015. LCRA works with communities to identify suitable service projects in which the communities do not have people or financial resources to complete them on their own. LCRA will then supply the labor and materials needed to complete the project. On Friday, 21 volunteers combined from the LCRA and city of Burnet under the leadership of Ryan Schnitzler, a supervisor from Mansfield & Tom Miller, to perform work at the YMCA of the Highland Lakes on US 281. “We started at 8 a.m. this morning clearing out all the brush and trees from the creek behind the YMCA of the Highland Lakes and we finished by 1 p.m.,”said Schnitzler. “These guys worked extremely hard.” “Once a year members of the LCRA and city employees will get together and do a project around the community,” “We want to make the community look its best, and every year we will do something to enhance the quality of life of Burnet residents.”said Schnitzler. Although there are no future projects set up for the 2018 Steps Forward program, LCRA is in the works with many of its wholesale power and water customers to identify important service projects. For more information on the Steps Forward program go to

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