Bulldog Field ready for Grad Class of 2017

A little ahead of time for graduation, the announcement came today, Friday, May 19: Symmetry Turf (contractor/turf installer) completed the installation of an e-layer shock pad and new turf field at Bulldog Field. The project finish has come  five days earlier than projected.

“We are excited to have the turf field completed and ready for the Burnet High School graduation ceremony on May 26,” said Superintendent of Schools Keith McBurnett. “We are just as excited to kick off another Bulldog football season this fall, knowing we have the highest quality shock pad and turf field as the foundation of Bulldog Field.”

During routine inspections last year, staff noted turf fiber loss especially at the seams of the turf field. After several inspections, meetings and testing of the field it was determined that the current En-Plast (shock pad manufacturer) shock pad and the Greenfields (turf manufacturer) turf were interacting in a way that was causing degradation of the backing on the turf and allowing the fiber loss.

As part of their warranty and commitment to Burnet CISD, Symmetry Turf and Greenfields partnered to install a new turf field at Bulldog Stadium. To date, En-Plast has not offered to be a part of resolving the issue.

In an ongoing commitment to student safety, and wanting to avoid any further issue with the En-Plast shock pad, the Board of Trustees approved upgrading the shock pad system to a Symmetry E-Layer system during the turf replacement process. E-layer systems are seen as the best shock pad solution on the market today as it acts as an impact absorbing layer, helping to reduce possible concussions. In addition, it provides for excellent drainage, has a life span of at least 30 years and helps to reduce costs on future turf replacements.

“I want to thank Symmetry Turf and Greenfields for standing behind their work and product,” said McBurnett. “In this case, Symmetry Turf and Greenfields addressed an issue that they were not responsible for creating. In my opinion, that is the highest level of customer service that can be offered to a school district.”

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