Texas Ramp Project brings greater accessibility to HARTH Foundation

By Amy Prayer
Burnet Bulletin
There are 2.2 million people in the United States who have some type of disability, causing them to be confined to a wheelchair. These people face a life of daily frustrations, wanting to be active in their community, but are limited due to inaccessibility and rising costs of having a ramp built in their homes.
The Texas Ramp Project was created to help those people, for financial reasons, can't afford to have a safe and reliable ramp for their home. John Laine, executive director of the Texas Ramp Project, along with Don Barlow and his crew of volunteers, were on site at the HARTH Foundation Wednesday, May 17, through Thursday, May 18, building a special ramp for wheelchair-bound children.
“With this ramp, the kids in wheelchairs can be wheeled up the slope to the top of the ramp so they can be mounted on the horse with ease,” said Barlow. “Our crews are all volunteers, these guys here are local Burnet and Marble Falls residents volunteering their time to help other people in need.”
“This is a passion for me,” said Laine. “Do you know how many people can't afford ramps? We create those highways for low income residents. Our teams are trying to cover every county in Texas; right now we cover 32 regions.
“The Texas Ramp Project has built 13,000 ramps since 1985, and we will continue on helping as many people as we can,” Laine added.
The Texas Ramp Project is a volunteer-staffed, 501(c)(3) non-profit, non denominational, non governmental organization. If you would like to volunteer for future projects please contact volunteer@texasramps.org. For more information on the Texas Ramp Project go to texasramps.org.

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