Williams touts Jump Start America plan

From left, state Rep. Terry Wilson, Burnet County Judge James Oakley, Congressman Roger Williams, state Sen. Dawn Buckingham, Burnet County Republican Party chairman Donna Wilcox and Burnet County Sheriff Calvin Boyd attended the Monthly Leadership meeting, hosted by Oakley.





By Jenn Robison

Burnet Bulletin

Congressman Roger Williams told Burnet County elected officials Thursday, Aug. 17, he wants to see Congress enact tax reform that would help their constituents where they need it most — by putting money back in their pockets.

Williams met with Burnet County elected officials at the Highlander restaurant in Burnet to discuss several important issues.

“We've got the highest tax rate in the world and we wonder why jobs leave here, people leave here and they don't come back and so forth,” Williams said. “It's because were not competitive at all.

“The greatest asset we have is not America, it's Americans. It's Main Street America; it's moms and dads, it's grandpas and grandmas. People that go to work like us everyday, trying to get their kids to school, trying to make that car payment, trying to make that house payment and it is tough, so we've got to get competitive.”

Williams also spoke about his program Jump Start America: ”What it does is it empowers us to do great things and not the federal government; it empowers us to get America going; it empowers us to cash flow our country.

“The problem with America is we are taking in more money than we've ever taken before,” Williams said. “There is no appetite to quit spending in Washington and it drives you crazy on either side, it doesn't matter, no appetite to quit spending. So we will never catch up with this deficit that we've got unless we do two things: we cut taxes to the American public and let all of us cash flow in our country. Then you got to rely on the federal government to do what you sent us up there to do, what every family does, what every business does — massive cuts to the federal government, the only thing that's going to pay for anything else. We've got to get pretty serious about it up there.”

Williams explained how Jump Start America works, including the following:

* Personal tax brackets cut to 20 percent and 30 percent. “Americans should keep more of their hard earned money.”

* Corporate tax rate lowered to 20 percent. “Cutting the corporate tax rate will spur job creation, encourage increased in research and infrastructure, make business more competitive worldwide, and lower the unemployment rate.”

* Repatriation tax holiday at five percent rate. “High corporate tax rates encourage U.S. companies to store their earnings abroad instead of investing it in expansion and employment at home. This proposal allows for a permanent tax holiday to allow repatriation of funds at 5 percent, instead of 35 percent.

“What I'd also like to do with that 5 percent is put it into the Highway Trust Fund because the Highway Trust Fund is broken,” Williams added. “We need to repair our roads and bridges; all of you know that. So let's put that money in the Highway Trust Fund, put a steady stream of income coming in that will run with inflation and get that going.”

* Payroll tax cut for employers and employees of 2 percent. “Cutting payroll taxes boosts take-home pay for Americans. From 2011-2012, employees enjoyed a 2 percent payroll reduction (to 4.2%).”

“That's a lot of money to the employee that gets paid to the employee that gets paid every other week, they'll spend that money and thats a lot of money to the employer that you have,” Williams said. “That also will pay taxes on it and you'll have cash and you'll go out for your business to hire someone else. That's how that works; that's called capitalism.”

* Cut the capital gains and dividends tax to 15 percent or 0 percent. “Cutting the capital gains and dividends tax will improve economic growth. Extending these cuts to all investors will help stimulate investment. Fiften percent is recommended, but 0 percent is ideal.”

“We've got to fix this tax system and we will bring jobs back, repatriation alone will bring jobs back that we lost and bring jobs over here that we never had.,” Williams said.

“Now you can give that net worth to your shareholders, you can give that net worth to the people of this country and you turn it over to the main street worker. Let us cash flow this country, demand that the federal government gets serious about it. If we cut expenses and begin to increase income we create a thing called net worth and now we are rolling. If we can ever get to 5 percent true unemployment and a 4 percent growth, nobody will ever touch this country. We are still the greatest country in the world without a doubt, but we can be so much better.”

Williams also spoke about representing Fort Hood and the pride that comes with it.

“The greatest honor I have as your congressman is to represent Fort Hood, as I like to tell people when I describe Fort Hood, is that it is 342 square miles of 'bring it on.'” he said.

He talked about how bad of shape the barracks at Fort Hood are in and the plan to fix them.

“I'm proud to say we just got approval of $146 million now going to Fort Hood, Texas, to rebuild the barracks for these kids and this is a big deal,” Williams said. “We've also got to build our military back up. The last eight years our military has taken $1 trillion in cuts due to a thing called sequestration, which is law now, but it required every department to reduce their expenses by 10 percent or more to help balance the budget, and we're not balanced, needless to say, but the military took more of a cut than anybody.

“What it did to the military since '08 is it took us from a 1.2 million man army to a 400,000 man army. It took us from 7,000 tanks to 2,000 tanks,” Williams added. “We've got the greatest pilots in the world and we all know that; they used to fly every single day. Now, at best, they are flying every other day or maybe not even that because they're having to cannibalize airplanes to keep airplanes going, because we can't get parts. We've got a Navy that, if we keep going at this same level by the end of this year, we will be at 1917 levels.

“I'm on a bill to get the military out of this sequestration and let the generals run the business of fighting for freedom and liberty. Get them on a budget rather than have to take these $1 trillion cuts.”

Williams called the current period of time “our generation's Valley Forge.”

“This is a serious time in our country and I'm a very small part in it, you're a very small part in it, but together, we are a voice, and as my father used to tell me, he would always say, 'Son, the words 'well said' are not nearly as powerful as the words 'well done' and how true that is. So. we got to go out there and do it and make it happen.”


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