'Say Something' at Burnet Middle School

Dear Editor,

Last week at Burnet Middle School, we trained our student body to “Say Something” if they suspect that a classmate is going to harm themselves or others. We wanted to share this training because we wouldn’t be able to live with ourselves if something happened to a classmate and we could have prevented it.

Part of our training is to teach our fellow students how to be “upstanders.” An upstander is someone who stands up, not stands by. They speak up for what’s right and are the kind of people who will “Say Something.”

No school is immune to violence and suicides. Everyone thinks “it won’t happen to here,” “it won’t happen to me.” But, anyone can be going through something that might make them consider violence. Anyone.

Because the students are the eyes and ears of our school, they may see things that adults don’t. So, we encouraged our classmates to “Say Something” to a trusted adult. You, reading this letter, might one day be one of these trusted adults.

While we don’t worry about violence every day, we know that we have people in our schools and communities who can be victims of social isolation, bullying or abuse. These things motivate people to harm themselves and others. But, if we are kind and helpful and able to spot the signs, we can change people and save lives.

So, we ask our extended Burnet community to help us Say Something. Parents: be involved in your children's’ lives. Listen if they come to you with worries about friends or classmates.  Business owners: help us by displaying the Say Something pledge and maybe post some information in your stores about the program. You can help us spread awareness in the community in a way that we can’t. Imagine if it was a young person you know in a situation where they needed help.

If we work together as students, families and community members, we can make a difference. Say Something. You could help save a life.


BMS Interact Officers
Zo’e Nicholl, Mady Jones, Katie Bird, Kylie Butcher and Madison Stires

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