Students learn 'Manners Matter'

Ever so careful of their manners, students taking part in the 'Manners Matter Spaghetti Etiquette Meal' are, from left, Zoe Ward, 9, Nyla Brown, 11, Taylor Taliaferro, 8, and Brailyn Halleck, 8. They all keep their elbows off the table, chew with their mouth closed, and dab their mouths with a napkin if they make a mess. (See more photos from the event on the Facebook page of the Burnet Bulletin.)





By Savanna Gregg

Burnet Bulletin

On Tuesday, Dec. 12, the Boys and Girls Club of Burnet was transformed into a 5-Star restaurant as the children took part in a luxurious 3-course meal and learned all about manners.

The “Manners Matter Spaghetti Etiquette Meal,” hosted by Kenna Bolan, brought numerous community leaders together to assist with the meal and discuss the importance of good table manners with the children.

Bolan reached out to Burnet County elected officials, first responders, local businesses, and the Burnet High School Culinary Arts students, who eagerly showed up to donate their time and services to a great cause. In addition to the community leaders and Culinary Arts students, First State Bank of Burnet, H-E-B Burnet, and Partymakers sponsored the event by donating funds and supplies.

Burnet High School's Chef Erickson and his Culinary Arts students prepared salad for the first course, followed by spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread for the main course and Bolan provided a cupcake dessert to end the luncheon. After demonstrating their manners throughout the meal, the kids definitely deserved a sweet treat!

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