Floyd brings home the gold medal

Former Bulldog athletes Grayson Floyd and Rod Corbin were all smiles as they posed for a photo with Floyd's new gold bling. Floyd, trained by Corbin, totaled 1,650 pounds at the annual Fort Worth Police Games to earn a first-place finish in the 275 pound class.

By Wayne Craig

Burnet Bulletin

In case you don't recognize the two beefy former Bulldogs pictured here, they are 2011 Burnet graduate Grayson Floyd, on the left, and 1988 graduate Rod Corbin, on the right.

It only takes a glance to see they have spent lots of time in the weight room.

Corbin spends some of his spare time training a select few powerlifting athletes these days and he's getting real good at preparing those athletes for golden opportunities.

You may recall a story from last summer where a Burnet County officer, Jeremy Stewart, overcame some real tough odds to win the 2017 Fort Worth Police Games gold under Corbin's direction, well now there's a new chapter.

Corbin himself spent time in the powerlifting limelight winning gold at seven of seven meets that he competed in over the past years, but this article is more about what Mr. Grayson Floyd has accomplished lately.

First off there is a Mrs. Grayson Floyd these days, she goes by Liv. Anyone who knows Grayson knows Liv deserves a shout-out too.

It was also discovered the couple just celebrated their second anniversary, way to go. Now the rest of the story, which is about Grayson competing at the Annual Texas Police Games in Fort Worth.

Before moving forward, let's backtrack briefly.

Floyd was a multi-sport athlete at BHS and that included being a member of the Burnet Powerlifting team, but boy have his numbers soared since his high school days.

At the Fort Worth Games Floyd turned in a 575 pound squat, and narrowly missed 600 pounds. He added a whopping 525 pound bench press to his total soon after. Floyd finished the competition with a 550 pound deadlift for an overall total of 1,650 pounds.

That total won him the 275 pound class Police Games gold medal for 2018, reigniting an echo from the past, way to Gray-Man, way to go.

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