Burnet traffic stop nets mushroom, LSD and marijuana

KUSO, the Burnet Police Department K9 drug dog, uncovered raw hallucinogenic mushrooms among several other suspected illicit drugs during an Oct. 4 traffic stop on East Polk Street in Burnet.




By Connie Swinney •
Staff Writer •

Authorities seized a variety of illicit narcotics, including hallucinogenic mushroom and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), after the Burnet Police Department K9 drug dog alerted on four individuals during a traffic stop on Texas 29 within the city limits, according to the report.

Four suspects were eventually arrested the afternoon of Oct. 4, following a “reckless driver” call on East Polk Street (Texas 29).

Investigators questioned the occupants of the vehicle, smelled marijuana and dispatched KUSO the drug dog, the report stated.

The dog “alerted” on the vehicle, which resulted in a probable cause search warrant, where subsequently officers found mushrooms and LSD among several other drugs which were turned into DPS for testing.

The suspects told police they were traveling from the Austin area to the Inks Lake area in Burnet County.

“You've got two major highways coming through the city, you're going to get a variety of narcotics, not just locally, but people traveling through,” Chief Paul Nelson said. “They decided to get on the highway. They easily could have wrecked, killed or injured somebody.” . . .

Officials credited K9 unit teamwork for building the case.

“That was the goal when we purchased KUSO was another tool to fight the narcotics issue in the city and the county,” Nelson said. “The more we use KUSO and the handler the better they get.”

For more on this story, read the Wednesday, Oct. 10 issue of the Burnet Bulletin.

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