Sales tax revenue down for Burnet, Bertram

By Lew K. Cohn

Managing Editor

Burnet Bulletin

Sales tax collections in Burnet and Bertram experienced a downward trend this month, though the county's other four cities all reported sales tax growth, and five of six cities in the county have total sales tax distributions above last year's pace.

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced he is sending cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts $817 million in local sales tax allocations for November, 5.4 percent more than in November 2017.

These allocations are based on sales made in September by businesses that report tax monthly, and sales made in July, August and September by quarterly filers.

Burnet saw a decrease of nearly 12 percent in the month of November 2018 as the county seat received $197,199.92 in distributions from the Texas Comptroller's office — down from the $223,946.64 received in November 2017. For the year, Burnet's collections are down 1.54 percent as the city has received $2,070,614.79, down from the $2,103,001.93 received through this same time last year.

A down month has stopped a streak in Bertram's sales tax growth as the city experienced a five percent decrease in sales tax revenues in November 2018. Bertram received $27,503.05, down from $28,951.20 in November 2017. For the year, Bertram has had a robuse increase of 13.19 percent, from $208,803.24 at this point last November to $236,362.86 this year.

Sales tax distributions for Marble Falls for the month of November climbed nearly four percent above last year's total from the same time period, as the city continues to experience retail sector growth heading into the holiday season.

Sales tax revenues for Marble Falls were at $789,232.29, up 3.88 percent from the $759,701.74 received during November 2017. For the year, Marble Falls is ahead of last year's pace, having brought in $8,084,339.89 in sales tax distributions, up from $7,931,011.34 through the same time last year — an increase of 1.93 percent. In Marble Falls, sales tax receipts make up the lion's share of general fund revenues.

Horseshoe Bay's sales tax receipts grew again by leaps and bounds as the city saw a 25 percent increase for November 2018. This month, the city received $125,448.15, up from $100,357 received in November 2017. For the year, the city, which straddles the Burnet and Llano county line, leads all cities in Burnet County in percentage increase with a 18.82 percent gain over last year.

Through this month, Horseshoe Bay has brought in $1,201,161.82, up from $1,010,859.30 through the same time period last year.

Granite Shoals saw a 9.08 percent increase in sales tax revenue for November, receiving $29,858.42 compared to $27,371.40 received in November 2017. For the year, the city is up 5.19 percent from $283,501.41 to $298,237.32.

Cottonwood Shores saw an increase of 9.66 percent in November 2018, up from $14,499.99 last November to $15,901.13 this November. For the year, Cottonwood Shores is up 4.91 percent to $167,193.01, after receiving $159,367.98 through the same point last year.

Three cities in Burnet County — Marble Falls, Burnet and Granite Shoals — collect the maximum allowable sales tax rate of two percent, while Bertram and Horseshoe Bay collect 1.75 percent and Cottonwood Shores collects 1.5 percent.

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