James Richard Hamilton

James Richard Hamilton

December 5, 1939 — January 3, 2019

James Richard Hamilton was 79 years old, born in El Paso, Texas, Dec. 5, 1939. He passed away Jan. 3, 2019. He worked 40 years for Union Pacific as a train conductor.

He enjoyed relaxing activities such as reading. He was always up to date on politics, religions, the weather and everything about nature. Some referred to him as a walking encyclopedia.

James is preceded in death by his mother Mildred Hamilton; his father James Francis Carskaddon; and stepfather Richard Raymond Hamilton.

He is survived by wife of 22 years, María de Jesús (Chuy) Hamilton. He is also survived by his daughter Kay Hart and husband Matt, sons Victor Hamilton with his wife, James Richard Hamilton and two grandchildren Donald (wife Amber) and Victor; step children Gabriel Gonzalez, Margarita Marques & Richard, Gabriela Burdell & Alan, and Amparo Apodaca & Marcos; 13 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

A memorial service was held at Edgar and Jenkins Family Funeral Home in Burnet, Texas, on Jan. 7.

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