Marjorie Bronk receives Masonic Community Builder Award

Special to the Bulletin

Burnet resident Marjorie W. Bronk has received the Community Builder Award for 2019 from the Valley Masonic Lodge #175 of Burnet, along with The Grand Lodge of Texas.

Bronk is a non-Mason who has distinguished herself through her services to her community, educational and professional groups and humanitarian works.

According to Lodge officials, the Community Builder Award is to recognize non-Masons who have distinguished themselves through their services to the community, and is not designed to be given only to the obvious leaders of the community — those in the limelight — although they certainly are to be considered.

The Lodge seeks out men and women who, year in and year out, quietly and without fanfare, show their devotion to their community and its people, without the expectation of awards or honors.

After gaining a nursing degree, Marjorie Bronk joined the U.S. Air Force at the age of 21. She married a fellow Airman, Ray Bronk, in 1961. In their tour in Germany, she was the first nurse to be stationed at Hof/Saale, Germany, where she set up a pharmacy serving Air Force and Army personnel. After three years, Marjorie departed the Air Force to raise the couple's son and daughter.

The family next moved to Del Rio, Texas, where Marjorie continued to serve her country by volunteering on the base and giving polio vaccines in Mexico.

Their next move was to Austin, Texas, for about 27 years and finally the Lake Buchanan area near Burnet. As a member of the First United Methodist Church of Burnet, Marjorie has started or help start several church and community outreach programs, such as a Nurse Ministry Program, Angel Food Ministries and the Respite Program, an Alzheimer’s caregiver program.

Marjorie serves or has served as chair of the LACare Board, a highly successful food pantry; the Missions Committee; and president of auxiliary at Seton Highland Lakes Hospital. In each of these positions, Marjorie has volunteered hundreds of hours as a worker, counselor, mentor and leader, including three weeks treating hundreds of children while on a mission to Africa.

It is said Marjorie is a modest person who is very thankful she is gifted with the knowledge and skills to help others. Those who know Marjorie know this is true — she has a “servant’s heart.”

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