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Savanna Gregg/Burnet BulletinBurnet singer and songwriter Matthew Butter (middle) collaborates with Sam Williams (left) and Eric Schuessler of Cadillac Gypsies as they play “Song Swap” Saturday, March 9, as part of the entertainment provided at Corden's Cause. Butter plays at various shows throughout the Hill Country, and will perform at this year's Bluebonnet Festival on the Jackson Street Stage from 1:30 to 2:45 p.m. Saturday, April 13.






By Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

The Highlander

In a giant leap from Burnet to Winslow Township, New Jersey, local singer and songwriter Matthew Butter has taken a step further into the world of music entertainment and a step closer to producing his newest album, scheduled to be released in May.

Butter, the Pastor at Hoover Valley Baptist Church, grew up melding his poetry along with music, and began sharing it with his community. Butter recently had the chance to record his songs with Stephen McKnight, producer of Thermal Studios in New Jersey, learning the ins and outs of developing an album sure to entertain his fans once it is released.

Butter's new album will feature a variety of sounds, shining a light on a country singer who wants the world to know his talents do not belong under one label.

“I want people to know a different side of me,” Butter said.

Butter describes his style as “Americana Country with Southern Soul,” and that description is reflected in his upcoming album.

“Blues, rock, they are all in my DNA,” Butter said. “I grew up with bands like The Eagles, The Beatles, and Kansas, but I like to sing along to George Strait and Alan Jackson as well.”

Music does run through Butter's veins; his uncle, the late Tim Herring, used to open for singer Ernest Tubb, and other family members are known as musicians.

“I grew up with all of this in my blood,” Butter said.

Producing an album comes with a lot of work and many hours spent in the studio perfecting a musician's sound and playing around with different aspects. First, Butter met with the producer and engineer at Thermal Studios to play acoustically and work through the arrangements of his songs. Then the group worked to mix all components together to create something with more depth in sound.

“First you mix, and then you master,” Butter said. “Mastering the song is like putting the varnish on the piece of furniture and making it shine.”

The 13-song album will feature eight traditional Country songs, two Gospel songs, two Americana songs, and one Pop song.

“Stephen (McKnight) wanted to do something different, so we came up with this song, 'Trust Me,' which has a dual meaning which could mean trusting in someone's love or trusting in God,” Butter said.

The dual-meaning and different sound of “Trust Me” encompasses Butter's multi-genre compositions, as well other titles in the new album, including a ballad called “Barely,” and a song a 12-year-old Butter wrote, called “The Few.”

“Some of these songs are years of stuff that has been waiting to be put out,” Butter said.

Along with the release of this new album, Butter has other goals he is striving to reach in his journey.

“My goal is to brand myself, travel more, and open up for bigger acts,” Butter said. “I also want to have my songs placed in TV, films, and advertisements in the future.”

Butter recently made a trip to Nashville, Tennessee to network with radio promoters and pitch his songs to other artists, in hopes of bringing both his singing and songwriting talents to the forefront.

Bringing a single to the radio is a big step in one's musical career, as it could pave the way for further success.

“If listeners like the single, then they will want to pre-order an album,” Butter said. “It is like a wedding: something everyone gets excited about, and the momentum builds until the big day.”
Butter approaches his musical career with confidence and logic, knowing that success isn't going to happen overnight, but rather takes a lot of patience and hard work. That shouldn't stop someone from following a dream, though.

“I want to encourage other people,” Butter said. “Get educated on the process, and then promote your talent.”

Butter relates himself to self-made Texas country music star Aaron Watson, who climbed the ladder to fame in much the same way Butter is doing now.

“Aaron Watson is a believer, and he is fan-oriented,” Butter said. “He did it by his bootstraps and is an independent artist.”

Butter is on his way to the top, but still stays true to his roots and appreciates his fans at home while chasing his dreams, always returning to sing for his community.

Burnet will be able to hear Butter's talent at this year's Bluebonnet Festival. He will take the stage on Jackson Street from 1:30 to 2:45 p.m. Saturday, April 13.

Other shows, information, and music may be found on Butter's new website,

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