Little Free Library opens for BCISD youth

Savanna Gregg/Burnet Bulletin
Many community members, including Mayor Crista Goble Bromley, Burnet CISD administration, and Bertram PD K-9 Max, join Parent-Volunteer Coordinator Darlene Denton and the Bulldog BROS and Dynamic DIVA Dawgs for the ribbon cutting of their new Free Little Library on Tuesday, April 23.





By Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

Burnet Bulletin

The minds of children are hungry for knowledge, and being exposed to literature at an early age has proven to be beneficial to them as they grow older. Soon, the children learn to read more words on their own, expanding their imaginations and vocabularies to limitless levels and taking their minds to numerous places.

A new installation in Burnet will provide area children with the opportunity to read a book whenever they please, ensuring knowledge and growth of little minds in the community for years to come.

On Tuesday, April 23, Burnet CISD's Bulldog BROS and Dynamic DIVA Dawgs welcomed a Little Free Library to the Parent Resource Center, located at 202 East Brier Street, with a special ribbon cutting ceremony. There were many different facets to the completion of the project, and the finished product was well worth the effort.

“Little Free Libraries are a way to build communities, spark creativity, and inspire reading and readers,” said Parent-Volunteer Coordinator Darlene Denton. “A few years ago I saw a news story on how these libraries were popping up all over the world, and what a positive impact they were making on the neighborhoods that hosted them; I immediately started trying to find someone to build one.”

Denton's family surprised her last Christmas with a Little Free Library in her neighborhood, and she immediately reached out to the Burnet High School Ag shop to see if anyone would be willing to partner with the Bulldog BROS and DIVA Dawgs and build their own little library.

BHS students Preston Watson, Ross Giesenschlag, and Margarito Olalde stepped forward to offer their expertise for the building of the structure, and the Faith Academy Baseball team had the chance to be a part of the project as well, offering their creative tips to students who painted the Library under the direction of Samantha Melvin.

“BCISD finished the project by installing the structure and housing the Free Little Library,” Denton said. “Shelley Reavis was the administrator who made sure the project was pushed through.

“Charlie Goble (BCISD Director of Facilities) made sure that Maintenance and Facilities finished the project in time for our Open House, Ribbon Cutting ceremony, proclamation, and grand opening,” Denton added.

After the Bulldog BROS and DIVA Dawgs finished eagerly stocking the library with their favorite books, City of Burnet Mayor Crista Goble Bromley read a proclamation declaring April 23, 2019 Free Little Library: Wild About Reading Day.

“The Proclamation that Mayor Bromley read made it even more special for the students,” Denton said.

The teamwork of the different entities and students that went into the Free Little Library will have a lasting impact on the community, as Burnet children have the chance to share their favorite books with their town and build a solid foundation of bright, strong minds.

The most important thing parents can do for their children is read to them, and the Free Little Library has made that easier and more enjoyable for the entire community.

“If you only did one thing with your children, reading to or with them is the most important thing,” Denton said. “Children develop a relationship with learning, they recognize their alphabet at an earlier age, and they are transcended to places all over the world, all from being read to.”

Denton emphasized that the Library belongs to everyone, and offered these guidelines regarding the use of the library and its treasures:

  • Take the Books – If you see something you would like to read, take it. It is for you. Some books include a note about who gave it or who has read it, and you may leave your own note when you are done.

  • Share the Books – When you are finished with a book, you may pass it along to a friend or return it to this Library or any other Little Free Library.

  • Leave the Books – Your books are welcome at any Little Free Library, especially your childhood favorites and books that teach and spark conversation.

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