New CarRiderPro system enhances BCISD safety

By Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

Burnet Bulletin

With safety for its students always a top priority, the Burnet Consolidated Independent School District plans to implement a system which will assist parents and educators in the often stressful activity of afternoon pick-up.

The CarRiderPro system will make its way to Bertram and RJ Richey Elementary Schools at the beginning of the school year, and later to Shady Grove Elementary.

“It is the District’s commitment to continuous improvement that led to the implementation of the CarRiderPro system,” said Superintendent Keith McBurnett. “We routinely have discussions about our major systems, and how to make improvements to them.

“The car rider pickup line is a challenge at any elementary campus, and we have been having discussions about how to develop a system that is safer and more efficient,” McBurnett added.

The CarRiderPro system relies on an identification tag assigned to each student and their designated guardian, which is constructed with technology that will read the data and display it on a screen inside the building, allowing teachers to line students up in the order their guardians arrive.

“With the unique tag being associated with specific students, it lessens the likelihood of any confusion on who is authorized to pick up the student,” McBurnett said. “Unlike a sign hung in a car window, the CarRiderPro tag cannot be duplicated.”

Along with these safety benefits, this advanced system will be an efficient way to run pick-up time due to the quick communication between the tag and the teachers.

“This is a significant improvement over the prior system that relied on staff members recognizing a vehicle or reading a sign in the car window that was created by a parent,” McBurnett said. “Because the sensor is located earlier in the pickup line, staff will have a longer lead time to organize the students for pickup.”

RJ Richey Elementary Principal Alicia Harris stated her campus looks forward to utilizing the new system.

“We are excited to have a system that adds to the safety and efficiency of our car rider line,” Harris said. “This system adds an additional layer of security to ensure students are picked up by designated adults while providing for a variety of flexible arrangements that many families utilize, such as carpooling.”

To ensure parents and teachers are informed about all aspects of the CarRiderPro system, the District has a “Frequently Asked Questions” section about the system under the “Parents” tab located on their website,

“Anytime you implement a new system there is always a learning curve and questions about the new system,” McBurnett said. “Because of the volume of vehicles that show up to our elementary campuses at the end of the day, there is no way to ever eliminate wait time, but this system will speed up the process, especially if parents will remember to always hang their tag from their rearview mirror when entering the car rider pickup line.”

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