The adventures of Maverick and Gus continue

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Our Lab/Heeler mix, Maverick, enjoys an evening of snuggles after a long day of play. Gus, on the right, thinks nighttime is "run top-speed around the house because I slept all day" time. But, we love them both equally!




By Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

Highland Lakes Newspapers

The days of a pet owner consist of many “aww” and “you are so cute!” and “stop that right now!” moments, and we have had plenty of them in our household since welcoming our two fur babies.

A few months back, I introduced my puppy, Maverick, and my cat, Gus, and raved about their hobbies and precious quirks with the incredible, shameless bias of a fur mom.

At that time they were both babies, but Gus turned a year old on Sunday, and Maverick will be a year old on Veteran’s Day, so I figured it was time for an update on the furry rollercoaster that is our life.

Maverick has grown by about 40 pounds since last I spoke of him, but he still loves to snuggle up to us at the end of the day, which is something I look forward to the moment I leave my house for work.

He has graduated to sleeping in the same bed with me and Adam (which is so sweet yet so uncomfortable). He has a new favorite tennis ball that is almost always stuck in his mouth, when he isn’t throwing it off the couch and jumping after it.

Maverick has always had the deepest, soul-searching eyes. They are a pure, chocolate brown and when he turns them on me, I absolutely melt. When he misbehaves and Adam gripes at him, he curls up behind me on the couch and watches Adam over my shoulder, surely summoning the power of those sweet dark eyes to get himself out of trouble!

He has perfected the art of sitting and shaking for a treat, and is now learning to stand on his hind legs for one. When we ask him, “Do you need to go potty?” He will drop whatever toy he is playing with and begin dancing in circles until we finally open the door and let him out. I am amazed at how intelligent he is!

Maverick also loves watching our favorite TV show, “Yellowstone,” with us every Wednesday. I am sure there is a reason behind dogs paying attention to the television, but I prefer to think he has great taste and enjoys the drama like we do.

Gus is a chunk. At his vet appointment last month, he weighed 11 pounds, and I’m sure he has gained a couple more since then. He has grown tired of fetching beer tabs, and would rather sit in a box and glare at us or throw his mouse toy around the house. It depends on how his day is going, I guess. He at least gets his exercise by chasing the mouse, tearing the edges of the box off with all of his core strength, or taunting and running from Maverick before flying into his cat tree where he cannot be reached. He then commences to look down upon us, his subjects, as he relaxes on his throne.

At the end of every day, no matter his mood, he pops up out of the blue and places his paw on Adam’s arm, meowing as if he is asking for a boost up into the recliner with him. Adam obliges, and Gus proceeds to lay on his chest for just a few minutes to get his daily pets in (don’t let Adam tell you he isn’t a cat person).

He will then go to the hallway and lie there… silently watching us… telling us it is bedtime with a bossy gleam in his eye. Then, at 4:00 every morning, he insists on announcing his presence in our bedroom because he seems to think we live on his time. Luckily, yelling “Gus, shhh!” is enough to convince him to let us sleep in.

The two of them are – to a mother’s chagrin – maturing, but I refuse to accept the fact that they are growing up. They are my babies. They have such unique personalities that have developed and changed throughout the months we have been their parents, and it is so fun watching them grow.

I cherish every moment I have with them –though I could do without their rambunctious morning and evening romps around the house – and look forward to sharing more memories as we make them.

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