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Frank Shubert/Burnet Bulletin
Jaymie Parks (left) and Bulletin staff writer Savanna Gregg are together again at the Burnet office.



Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

Burnet Bulletin

The Burnet Bulletin office recently welcomed back a beloved member, and great things are on the horizon for the Burnet Bulletin staff as she catches up with current employees and gets to know the newer ones.

“It feels amazing being back with my work family,” said Senior Account Manager Jaymie Parks upon returning after living in Minnesota for over a year. “They really are my second family, and it is amazing to work with such great people.”

Parks began working for the Burnet Bulletin in Aug. 2017 and built a great client base, as well as relationships with her coworkers and the community before she and her husband, Chase, and their daughter, Aria, decided to leave Burnet in May 2018 to follow dreams and make their home somewhere new. They recently made the decision to move back to the area, which has always felt more like home.

“I missed the relationships I built with my clients while I was here before, because they were more like friendships than work relationships,” Parks said.

Parks' clients have expressed their happiness at her return, having missed the respectful relationships forged between them during her time as their advertising representative in the past.

“I enjoyed working with Jaymie in the past and look forward to future opportunities,” said Parks' client Robert Clarkson of Clarkson & Company in Marble Falls.

Jaymie worked for Blairs Western Wear in Marble Falls and later Cecil Atkission Motors in Burnet before taking her retail expertise into the communications business, and her past employer at Cecil Atkission had the opportunity to continue working with her after she left.

“Jaymie has done a great job using her retail experience in both clothing and automotive, and has tailored that knowledge to understand what we are wanting here at Cecil Atkission to achieve by advertising,” said General Manager Louis Cozby. “We love her, she was a great employee here, and we would take her back in a heartbeat, but she does a wonderful job taking what she learned in the retail business and putting a different spin on it.”

Along with her clients, Parks said she is most excited to continue working with her coworkers, whom she has missed since her departure.

“I missed Savanna (staff writer) the most because we built a good friendship, and so unexpectedly after attending school together but never crossing paths before we started working together,” Parks said.

Staff writer Savanna Gregg felt the exact same way, and is over the moon about Parks' return.

“The two of us instantly clicked, not only as coworkers running the office together and ensuring our customers were taken care of, but as friends,” Gregg said. “We always got along, would be able to help each other out with any kind of issue the other was facing, and things were just not the same after she left. Now, it is as if Jaymie were never gone, and we are all ecstatic!”

Things weren't the same for Parks either after leaving, as she said she especially missed the flavorful food Texas has to offer compared to the food up north.

“I am excited to be back for the food, like chips and salsa, Mexican food, Whataburger, taquitos, kolaches, everything,” Parks said. “Up north, the food style is so different; they had no brisket, there was no spice to anything, and they had a sad excuse for salsa. I am excited to be eating good Mexican food and drinking a good margarita.”

Another southern charm Parks missed while she was gone was the southern hospitality everyone shares with others.

“I have been loving it,” Parks said. “I missed everybody, and it is so nice to see and catch up with everyone; they are all so friendly and excited to see me.”

Perhaps the most excited to see her back is her family.

“My parents are so excited to have me back,” Parks said. “They are so excited to have their grandbaby back in town, and my in-laws are ecstatic to have Aria back.”

Parks' four-year-old daughter Aria excitedly returned to Texas, ready to see her old friends and both sets of grandparents.

“Aria has been adjusting really well back at her daycare; the staff is super nice, and those who were there before we left remember her and are happy to have her back,” Parks said. “She is having fun and is excited to see all of her family and friends – it has just been really hot!”

The Burnet Bulletin staff welcomed Parks back with smiling faces and excitement at her energetic approach to her work.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have Jaymie Parks return to our staff in Burnet; we really missed her while she was gone. Our staff writer, Savanna, is a joy to work with and has done a fantastic job covering the city, school district, the airport and writing feature stories. She and Jaymie make a terrific team,” said Burnet Bulletin Publisher Frank Shubert. “Jaymie brings a fresh approach to working with her clients and is all about keeping Burnet a wonderful place to do business!”

Parks returned with fresh ideas and great energy to share with her new coworkers and community, ready to bring her hard work back to Burnet's Hometown Newspaper.

“I had a great first impression of the new team,” Parks said. “Everyone has been friendly and welcoming to me, and I think we will work together really well to put our best foot forward with each other to produce creative, fresh ideas to revamp the newspaper and our other publications.”

“I look forward to building new friendships with clients and working with our team on new projects, advancing in my career, and providing fresh and exciting content for our readers,” Parks added.

You can reach Jaymie at 512-756-6136 or by email at jaymie@burnetbulletin.com, or, of course, stop by our office at 220 South Main Street on the Square in Burnet.

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