BCISD perusing voter opinions on failed bond

Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

Burnet Bulletin

Burnet CISD trustees are in the process of studying the results of the failed 2019 bond election through surveys recently sent out to voters following the results of the Tuesday, Nov. 5 election day.

At a workshop held Monday, Nov. 19, trustees discussed information they have received through 165 responses received so far out of approximately 2,570 surveys distributed to BCISD citizens.

As of the Monday workshop, reasons for votes against the bond included concerns of the passage of a bond raising taxes; the amount of funds directed towards projects in the athletics department; concerns that the District was not being truthful about the direction of funds or were not using funds appropriately; the opinion that the district should live within its means; and many said they had no knowledge of the bond.

Trustees discussed the need for the projects outlined in the proposed bond that are still issues that need to be addressed, such as those related to predicted growth. Superintendent Keith McBurnett stated that growth in the district is happening quicker than predicted. For example, Bertram Elementary enrollment sits at 387, which was projected for the year 2022, and the capacity for that campus is 450.

Trustees plan to propose another bond in the future, and are counting on the input from citizens to help with the projects they will outline in it.

Another workshop will be held on Monday, Dec. 2 to further study the data received as more surveys are returned, and to discuss the composition of a new bond proposal based on the input received from voters.

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