Favorite Main Street Bethlehem returns to downtown Burnet

Special to the Bulletin

This Christmas, visit Bethlehem in Burnet, Texas, as the ancient city of Christ's birth comes alive again as it has each year from the time of Main Street Bethlehem's first presentation in 1993.

Feel the anticipation of Joseph and Mary approaching the gates, urgency quickening their steps. Pick your way through transients, peddlers, the crippled, and aged in the town's fringe. Experience the presence of animals as they affect all aspects of life in that time: camels, donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, and doves.

Explore the narrow streets to faint strains of ancient music and savor the smells of fresh goat butter, campfires, and hot bread. Then immerse yourself in the din of the marketplace – revelers in the tavern, shouted insults to and from the Roman oppressors, merchants, craftspeople, taxpayers and beggars, all seeking money, or position, or revenge.

Search for the inn, only to find it full (as others did long ago). Then follow the trail to the cave, where a road-weary couple has moved in with the animals, their place in God's plan and secular history to be made secure on this night. For the child in their arms was the incarnation of God Himself, come to the world that all who would place their faith in Him might enjoy eternal fellowship in His presence.

Main Street Bethlehem will begin Friday, Dec. 6 and continue through Sunday, Dec. 8, then again Friday, Dec. 13 through Sunday, Dec. 15. The gates are open 6 to 9 p.m. each evening, and Friday and Sunday visitors may experience a shorter wait time than on Saturday night.

Admission is free, though donations are accepted. Tour buses are welcome. Free refreshments will be served at the exit. Because it is an outdoor presentation, inclement weather may cause cancellation at any time. New this year, backpacks are not allowed past the front gate.

Visitors may contact the Burnet Chamber of Commerce at 512-756-4297 for information on available restaurants and lodging in the area.

Main Street Bethlehem is presented as a Christmas gift to the State of Texas by the members and friends of the First Baptist Church of Burnet, Texas. Visit their website at FBCBurnet.org and choose the “Main Street Bethlehem” tab to learn more.

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