Running away with gold



Topping my list of noteworthy performances this week is the varsity Lady Dawg cross country team.

The cross country teams competed at the Marble Falls meet recently and they competed well.

Burnet senior Abby Bullock led the charge for the varsity squad with a second place overall finish and many of her teammates stayed close by.

Julyssa Silva finished fourth, Neeradt Leon claimed seventh overall, Alexis Munguia raced in at number nine, Fatima Rodriguez claimed 11, and Reagan Giesenschlag finished 16.

Needless to say with all of Burnet’s runners finishing that close together the team brought home gold. It was a great win for the Lady Dawgs!

The varsity boys had some top 15 finishers with Caden Farrell tracking down a number nine overall finish and Ross Giesenschlag crossing the line at number 14.


City Spotlight: Solid Waste and Recycling Services



The City Council recently awarded a five year franchise to a new provider, Al Clawson Disposal Inc. (Clawson), for garbage and recycling services.  As a result, customers need to be aware of several important changes that will occur during the transition from the current provider.

The week of Oct. 17 through Oct. 21, Clawson will begin delivering new garbage and recycling carts to all residential customers throughout the City.  It is particularly important to note that the color of the carts will now be green for recycling and blue for garbage.  The last week of service for the current provider will be the week of Oct. 25 through Oct. 28, at which time they will remove their carts immediately following their final pick-up. Clawson will begin their garbage pick-ups the week of Oct. 31 through Nov. 4 and recycling collection the week of Nov. 7 through Nov. 11.


Sometimes you can’t make lemonade



There were some more great moments in my past week of life and in covering Bulldog sports.

I see myself as a cup half-full type of guy, so by nature I try to find the positive in anything that surrounds me, but there’s been one thing weighing on my heart with no positives to be found.

There have been countless prayers for an old friend and classmate of mine, Robert Gonzales, AKA Bobby G.

If you ever got to know the guy you know the fun-loving, always smiling Bobby G that many of us call friend.

Just want Bobby’s family to know that prayers are still coming your way for strength and healing.

My sports coverage had me witnessing some great athletic achievements and I also saw some Bulldog pride through my week’s journey.


School board sets priorities for the 2016-17 school year

From the superitendent's desk

Keith McBurnett


As we wrap up the first six weeks of school, I want to remind our community and families about the importance of students attending school on a regular basis. Student attendance is crucial to the financial health of the District, but it is even more critical to students being successful in the classroom. The simple fact is that students can’t learn if they aren’t in class. Did you know that high school students who miss school 10 days a year are three times more likely to drop out than students who miss five days? In Burnet CISD attendance counts because: students learn when they are in class, teachers have more time to teach and the District receives increased revenue. Improving student attendance is one of the most important ways our community can help schools be successful.



And the winner is......

From the Dawg House by Wayne Craig


I’ll start this week with a big congrats to the newest homecoming royalty. Jax Noah and Elyssa Martinez were crowned King and Queen just before kickoff of Friday night’s homecoming game.

There were some great moments in Bulldog sports this week as well.

The varsity Lady Dawg volleyball team turned a corner with a confidence building win over district opponent, Taylor.

As far as positions played, some were taken out of their comfort zones, but I, along with many others were proud of their response.

Not that Taylor is a powerhouse team, but the way our girls won brought on lots of smiles and joy, and hopefully momentum builds from there.

The 2016 Bulldog football team is drawing some large crowds and it was awesome to see a packed house for homecoming. The Bulldogs have fans all fired-up with a 4-0 record. Their latest victim was the Crockett Cougars who fell to the Dawgs 44-18 on Friday night.


Battle for Burnet County still simmers the blood



Call it an old flame I cannot put out, but going into last week the rivalry between Burnet and Marble Falls simmered in my blood.

Ever since I can remember, the battle for Burnet County has been buzzing between our two towns for centuries.

Now, no one who came into the Burnet County area after the mid 1990s will understand how bad this rivalry has been.

Anyone reading this that showed up after that, is probably thinking “this lady is crazy,” “we have not played Marble Falls in a million years except for the scrimmage games,” and the rivalry isn’t that bad.

However, anyone like myself who grew up a predominate part of their life in this area knows how much bad blood has been between Burnet and Marble Falls.


Shootin' Straight: The other political candidates



Why has this election degraded to choosing what many are calling “the better of two evils?” This is the question I have been plagued with over the last several months.

The two-party system is the worst degradation of American politics, and now unfortunately we are seeing the consequences. The ugly, mud-slinging battle between Republican and Democratic candidates in this election, and even a little mud-slinging between party members, has displayed why the two-party system is driving American politics further into extremism.


Built Ford tough




I have a lot of athletes to do some extended bragging on this week, I’ll start with Tyler Ford.

Burnet’s elusive tough running Ford proved to be just like the slogan ‘Built Ford Tough’. He averaged 10.7 yards per carry and his efforts didn’t end on offense.

Tyler was getting the job done in every phase of the game and No.4 has fans excited for more.

There was a birthday boy on the field Friday night and with a three touchdown performance it might have been a wish come true for Sterling Galban.

Hats off to you too Koby Edwards those passes didn’t reach their targets on their own.

Reid Dalrymple, Seth Carpenter, Austin Davis, and Coleman Posey are other names that echoed over the loud speaker regularly.

Burnet’s varsity offensive line earned an Attawaytogo, you guys know who you are.


BCISD Superintendent Newsletter




69 Club is the new 27 club among celebrities

Editorial by Lew Cohn


Human beings have a preoccupation with death which has dated back to the earliest of our ancestors. As a species, we try to come to grips with our own mortality by trying to make sense of it any way we can. One such way is by recognizing patterns in the demise of others, especially celebrities, whose lives seem to shine brighter than our own, and in some cases, burn up faster as well.

It has been well documented that a great number of creative artists, whether musicians or singers or even those dedicated to the visual arts, seem to shuffle off their mortal coil on or after their 27th birthday but before their 28th. Known as the “27 Club,” its roster of members read like a Who’s Who of the afterlife.


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