County magistrate confirms virus case

  • Shubert, Noaker
    Shubert, Noaker

Burnet County magistrate Kirk Noaker Sr. cannot say enough good things about the assistance he and his wife Jessica have received from family, friends and co-workers after the couple contracted COVID-19 last Fran month.

“Doorfront dropoffs of medicine, groceries, doordashed Chick-fil-A from Bu my son Kirk, home-cooked meals … so much more,” Ra Noaker said. “My heart is full.”

Noaker and his wife Jessica remain in quarantine 4 at their home at this time as they continue to recover from the virus. It was not 1 as they continue to recover from the virus. It was not immediately clear when the couple contracted the virus.

“With all certainty, this is the worst sickness Jessica and I have ever experienced,” Noaker posted on Facebook. “I had it the worst initially, but I believe I’ve turned the corner. Jessica is now experiencing the worst of this virus. Continue w to publisher/editor pray for the Noaker crew.”

Noaker was appointed Burnet County magistrate by the Burnet County Comissioners Court in 2016 after previously serving as a capital murder (FACT) investigator with the Regional Public Defender’s Office, which represents those indigent persons charged with capital murder and facing the death penalty.

The magistrate position was created by the Texas Legislature in 2011 to make sure arrested defendants are able to appear before a judge within 48 hours of their arrest as required by law. A magistrate can give admonishments to a criminal defendant, set and review bail and conditions of release, appoint legal counsel and determine other routine matters relating to preindictment or pending cases.

Noaker is the first Burnet County official confirmed to have contracted the novel coronavirus as the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) lists Burnet County with 180 cases to date, which includes 122 recoveries, 55 active cases and three fatalities. Five people have been hospitalized in Burnet County with the virus since March 22, when the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed.

Burnet County Health Authority Dr. Juliette Madrigal said the number of cases in Burnet County is even higher as numbers lag behind in the state reporting system. She indicated as many as 182 people have contracted the illness just within the past two weeks and there have been a total of five deaths with two still not reported as confirmed by the state.

“The number of cases in Burnet County have skyrocketed,” she said.

Jessica Noaker’s illness also impacts neighboring Llano County as she works for the city of Horseshoe Bay as a development services technician. As of Friday, July 3, Llano County reported having 41 cases total, including 25 new cases since June 25. Eight people had recovered, leaving 33 active cases at this time.

“The DSHS website is running 5-7 days behind in updating due to the increase in numbers,” Llano County Judge Ron Cunningham said. “The number of active cases in Llano County is increasing rapidly.”