HLCN, Elevate Church produce help for hungry

  • Naumann
  • Wenger

A joint venture between the Highand Lakes Crisis Network and Elevate Church is both figuratively and literally taking to heart the teachings of Colossians 1:10: “That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.”

Every Saturday through July and August, the two organizations, in conjunction with DiMare Fresh, are distributing 1,500 boxes of fresh produce — 31,000 pounds total — to those in need at no cost.

“Each box is about the size of a printer paper box and will have fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Kevin Naumann of the Highland Lakes Crisis Network. “There is no qualification to receive a box; we just ask that it be a family in need of help during this difficult time. There will also be opportunities for those in need to receive prayer and sign up for additional resources from this great community.”

Drive-thru food distribution will take place each Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Elevate Church, 700 Gateway Boulevard, Marble Falls, Elevate Church pastor Shane Wenger said.

“We will be giving fresh fruits and veggies to people, along with hand sanitizer, free life books and a bag of personal care items as well,” Wenger said. “While people are in the drive thru, we will also be furnishing water and Gatorade to drink to keep people hydrated.

“If you know someone who is in need, this is the perfect time to express your generosity. Come out and pick up a box of produce and take it to someone in need.”

“Safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID19 will be implemented and we ask that all participants in the drive through be masked upon their turn to receive the food,” Naumann added.

Naumann said anyone who needs assistance but cannot get to the distribution point can fill out a “Needs Help” form on the HLCN website (highlandlakescrisisnetwork. com) or contact them at 325-423-3662 to be pointed toward appropriate resources.

“The items not distributed on Saturday will be donated to local food pantries and delivered with our HLCN meals on Monday,” Naumann said.

Naumann said food pantries needing supplies can contact HLCN or Elevate Church for assistance. Volunteers are needed for the Saturday event as well as for food distribution throughout the week and they can sign up at elvt.org to help.

DiMare Fresh, a distribution company specializing in produce and floral, was selected by the USDA to partner with its Farmers to Families Food Box program and is supplying product from their farms through their distribution facilities in Texas to service nonprofit entities throughout the Southwest, including Burnet County. “Part of our Elevate family

“Part of our Elevate family works for DiMare and reached out to us about making this produce available and we recommended getting involved with Kevin and the Highland Lakes Crisis Network,” Wenger said. “We love to serve people and Kevin did not think they would be able to distribute from their location, plus we have the volunteers, so I said we can handle all that.”