Llano County issues disaster declaration


Due to lack of electricity to 86 percent of homes, Llano County officials have issued a disaster declaration Feb. 16 to assist residents in their effort to deal with outages and shortages prompted by several days of winter storm conditions.

“Llano County has 12,263 homes are without power and there is no indication that power will be restored within the next 24 hours,” Llano County Judge Ron Cunningham said in a statement. “The issuance of a disaster declaration allows the county to tap into additional state and federal resources throughout the duration of the disaster, provides for the ability to make emergency purchases related to the disaster, and potentially opens up opportunities for affected citizens to benefit from other state and federal resources and reimbursements arising from damage from the disaster.”

Currently, the county has announced access to a public shelter. Shelters are typically set up for those who find their residential living conditions to be potentially dangerous and life-threatening.

The First Baptist Church of Llano, 107 W. Luce, is open to provide temporary shelter for Llano County residents who are suffering from lack of electricity, heating capabilities and other necessities.

Due to power outages in Kingsland and Buchanan Dam, no public shelters were available by press time on Tuesday, Feb. 16 for the east side of the county.