Third COVID-19 nursing home death reported


There have now been three fatalities attributed to COVID-19 related illness in Burnet County — all from individuals who were patients in local nursing homes, according to the Department of State Health Services.

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“The person had tested negative while there,” The pat Oakley stated. Burnet “The individual native Kristi had Gray recently wasn’t been eas is not a typical professional transferred to a hospital outside of Burnet County with significant health issues. While at the hospital, the individual tested positive prior to passing. It is believed that the individual contracted the virus while at the hospital.”

Oakley has been keeping a running tally of the local figures associated with COVID-19 testing for the past several months.

DSHS officials have also confirmed the reported death of a second resident from a Bertram nursing home, a woman in her 80s who had tested positive for COVID-19 on June 3 and had “significant other health issues.”

The first reported death involved a 57-year-old patient with cardiovascular health issues in a Bertram nursing home who tested positive for COVID-19 after her death on May 26.

There have now been seven confirmed cases among residents at the Bertram facility as well as at least six other cases involving staff and their families, with more expected in coming days, Oakley said.

Of the latest active cases in Burnet County, at least 14 involve individuals who are younger than 40 years of age. Oakley said there does not appear to be any ties between these individuals and other recent confirmed cases.

Since Memorial Day, there have been 71 new cases — up from 30 at that point — as the number of confirmed cases has tripled.

“This is quite an uptick in new cases that are not attributed to any event or gathering,” Oakley said.

“Be careful out there and use your own common sense to avoid virus contact. Also, please understand that this report information is derived from what is being provided by the State Health Department. Sometimes that information can be slow to be reported by the state.”

Meanwhile, Llano County has 13 total cases, of which six are listed as recovered and seven are active, with no fatalities, Judge Ron Cunningham said. A total of 1,137 people have been tested in Llano County. Latest cases all involve

Latest cases all involve individuals between the ages of 50-89 and are in Horseshoe Bay, Kingsland, Llano and Tow. Statewide, there have been

Statewide, there have been 2,192 COVID-19 fatalities as well as 114,881 positive cases reported as COVID-19 cases are found in 241 of Texas’ 254 counties. There are 69,190 patients are estimated to have recovered from the illness, leaving 43,499 estimated active cases. A total of 1,767,701 people have been tested statewide, including viral and antibody testing.

“This is quite an uptick in new cases that are not attributed to any event or gathering. Be careful out there and use your own common sense to avoid virus contact.”

—James Oakley Burnet County Judge