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Bertram police chief faces felony perjury and misdemeanor oppression charges

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Chief James Jay (“JJ”) Wilson faces several indictment charges of official oppression, aggravated perjury and misuse of official information, according to court documents.




Editor's Note: For our publications, Bertram Police Chief JJ Wilson refuted the indictment charges in an article in the Friday, Oct. 5 issue of The Highlander. The 33rd/424th Judicial District Attorney's Office also offered a statement on their investigation. The updated story will also be published in the Wednesday, Oct. 10 issue of The Burnet Bulletin.

Connie Swinney
Staff Writer •

The 424th Judicial District Grand Jury indicted Bertram Police Chief James Jay (“JJ”) Wilson Oct. 2 on charges of felony aggravated perjury, felony misuse of official information and misdemeanor official oppression, court documents stated.

The charges stemmed from three incident allegations in Burnet County in connection with a dispute over hay ownership, the release of criminal background information and a sworn statement in a drug-related arrest, according to the grand jury indictments.

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