Bertram Police Chief JJ Wilson


Wilson placed on unpaid administrative suspension following DWI Charge

Connie Swinney/Burnet Bulletin
Authorities impounded a Bertram police vehicle Oct. 24 after the unit was involved in a crash on FM 1431 east of Marble Falls.




Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

Burnet Bulletin

At an emergency City Council meeting called Thursday, Oct. 25, Bertram City Council members unanimously voted to place embattled Police Chief James Jay (“JJ”) Wilson on unpaid administrative suspension following his arrest for suspected driving while intoxicated after crashing and leaving his patrol unit along the 5000 Block of Ranch-to-Market 1431 outside Marble Falls on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

The Texas Department of Public Safety responded to the scene of the crash 8:30 p.m., and eventually arrested Wilson at Scott and White Hospital in Marble Falls, to which he had gotten a ride.

This incident occurred not a month after a 424th Judicial District Grand Jury indicted Wilson on charges of felony aggravated perjury, felony misuse of official information, and misdemeanor official oppression, according to court documents.


Bertram PD Chief calls indictment 'witch hunt'; Embattled JJ Wilson faces felony perjury, oppression charges

Chief James Jay (“JJ”) Wilson faces several indictment charges of official oppression, aggravated perjury and misuse of official information, according to court documents.

By Connie Swinney

Staff Writer

The Highlander

An embattled police chief has called a string of indictments, including perjury and official oppression charges, a “witch hunt” he believes stemmed from a dispute with a district attorney's office chief investigator who is a former Houston Police Department co-worker.

“This goes back many years. The (33rd/424th Judicial District) chief investigator and I worked together in the 1980s,” said Bertram Police Chief James Jay (“JJ”) Wilson said in a phone interview Oct. 4. “We worked at the Houston Police Department back then. He and I don't see things eye to eye.

“I think he's taking a personal vendetta against me,” he added. “(Prior to the indictment) I've made some comments. I've been vocal about it, and it has put a target on my back.”

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