Burnet County Deputy


Burnet deputy takes gold against odds


Following his first powerlifting competition, just 16 months after suffering a fractured back, Jeremy Stewart shows off two first place medals he earned at the Annual Texas Police Games.

By Wayne Craig

Bulletin Sports

Burnet investigator Jeremy Stewart always knew he wanted to turn his everyday workouts into something bigger. He searched around and found that he had a love for the sport of powerlifting and it didn’t take long for his desire to compete to grow.

“Working out and staying in shape just comes with the job,” said Stewart. “Using that to compete makes going to the gym a little easier.”

So Stewart set his sights on competing in an annual powerlifting event featuring Texas police officers, but in February of 2016 lifting became the farthest thing from his mind.

During a police chase in Burnet County Stewart was involved in a terrible accident that left him with fractured vertebrae in his back. His plans of competing quickly changed to just recovering so he could return to his job.

It took the deputy six months to get his release and get back to his plan of action.

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