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Jail mumps case prompts public warning

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Dr. Jules Madrigal discusses symptoms and statistics of mumps after a case was confirmed at the Burnet County Jail late last month.



By Connie Swinney

Staff Writer

Burnet Bulletin

Test results have confirmed a positive result for mumps at the Burnet County Jail, prompting a quarantine among some inmates and a public health alert.

According to the Burnet County Health Authority, a male inmate incarcerated since at least April 23 began showing symptoms of mumps.

Mumps, an infectious viral disease, is marked by a swelling of salivary glands, fever, flu-like symptoms, pain in the face, pain during swallowing, loss of appetite and fatigue.

“Usually we don't see the mumps. We thought we had pretty much eradicated it until the last nine years,” Burnet County Health Authority Dr. Juliette Madrigal said. “The nurse practitioner at the jail did a good job recognizing this because it's so rare.”

The inmate began exhibiting symptoms on April 27, when he was tested, the Burnet County Health Authority reported. Two days later the test came back positive.


BC inmate's redemption found through faith

Nathan Hendrix/Burnet Bulletin
Ron Johnson and Randy Wayne Johns start and end each of their meetings on Tuesdays with a prayer. Ron inspired Randy to make significant changes in his life, and now Randy tries to do the same for other inmates at the Burnet County Jail.





By Nathan Hendrix

Staff Writer

The Highlander

Everyone can be redeemed. This is the belief of one Burnet County inmate after he found his personal redemption through faith and self-reflection and now works to share that belief with other inmates.

Randy Wayne Johns, 46, is currently serving a five-year sentence for evading arrest with a vehicle and theft of up to $30,000, but relationships he never would have made outside of prison have helped him begin to turn his life around.

“I don't want to be locked up, but being here has opened a lot of doors for me,” he said.

The most pivotal relationship Randy made was with Ron Johnson.

Ron works with a group of men who visit the Burnet County Jail once a week for “prison ministry.” Ron has been making the voluntary visits on Tuesdays for more than year and said that Randy's reaction is unique.


Five arrested in raid at local residence

Five individuals were arrested on outstanding warrants on July 25 when a cadre of local law enforcement executed a search warrant at a Burnet County residence.

Burnet County Sheriff's deputies and investigators, Burnet police officers, the Texas Department of Public Safety Special Response Team (SRT) and the Texas Rangers all worked together to execute the search warant at 1544 Buchanan Drive, looking for illegal narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia as well as evidence of narcotics packaging, manufacturing or distribution and records or stolen property normally associated with illegal narcotics use and activity.

Arrested and transported to the Burnet County Jail on outstanding warrants were Brent Barnard Sr. of Burnet; Johnny Loehr of Burnet; Sean Clopton of Burnet; Keith Maynard of San Saba; and Shelley Adams (Vaughn) of San Saba.


Burnet County Jail employee killed in murder-suicide

Millie Chance

By Lew K. Cohn

Managing Editor

The Highlander

A preliminary investigation indicates the wife of a Burnet County Jail employee shot her spouse once in the back of the head Thursday, April 13, at their Lampasas home before turning the weapon on herself, according to Lampasas Assistant Police Chief Jody Cummings.

“It appears that Deborah Chance shot Millie Chance with a 9mm Glock semiautomatic as Millie Chance had an apparent gunshot wound to the back of her head,” Cummings said Monday. “It then appears that Deborah Chance shot herself as she had an apparent gunshot wound to the forehead.”


Burnet County Sheriff's employee dies in apparent murder-suicide

Facebook photo of Millie and Deborah Chance taken from Millie Chance's Facebook page.

A Burnet County Sheriff's Office employee died Friday morning in what officials believe may have been a murder-suicide at a Lampasas home.

Millie Chance, 24, worked in the Burnet County Jail. She died Friday morning at Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Temple, where she had been airlifted the previous day.

Lampasas police officers had responded just before noon Thursday to a disturbance call at a residence at 702 W. North Ave. after a woman called 911 to ask for help, but the call was disconnected. When officers arrived, they knocked on the door but got no answer. Then, they heard two noises that appeared to be gunshots coming from inside the house.

Officers forced entry into the home and found Deborah Chance, 47, dead at the scene from an apparent gunshot wound. Millie Chance was still alive, but had what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head. A post on the Burnet County Sheriff's Office Facebook page on Friday announced Millie Chance's death.


County prepares for inmate influx



Burnet County officials and law enforcement are preparing for an influx of inmates from nearby counties in coming weeks.

Burnet County Judge James Oakley said commissioners court approved contracts with three Texas counties on Tuesday to house inmates in overflow conditions or special circumstances, and the jail has hired additional staff to handle the increase. Hayes, Somerville, and Taylor county jails have all contracted for the ability to send inmates to Burnet County Jail.

Prior to new staff, the jail was only allowed up to house 240 inmates based on its staffing. The total capacity of the jail is 587.

“It's a See-Saw effect,” Oakley said. “As we bring in new inmates, we hire more jailors.”

In late June, commissioners voted to unfreeze eight positions at the jail to prepare for the influx of new inmates.


County approves addition to jail workforce, issues debt for maintenance projects



Commissioners voted to unfreeze eight Burnet County Jail staff positions and to issue debt for county road maintenance projects during commissioners' court on Tuesday, June 14.

“We're seeing an increase in call volume lately,” said Burnet County Chief Deputy Joe Canady. “Part of that is because it's summer and we get an influx of people who don't live here full time… We've also seen increases of local arrests.”

Canady also added the jail is seeing an increase in demand for inmate housing from other counties.

“We now take all of Hamilton County's inmates. They have not temporary holding facility,” he said.

Canady told commissioners that the jail houses between 220 and 240 inmates on a regular basis, and the jail is only allowed to house 240 inmates based on staff size. These limits were set by Texas Commission on Jail Standards.


Man indicted on charges of stalking, aggravated assault


Richard Lee Rose II, 39, was arrested on two felony charges and one misdemeanor after an indictment was filed against him on May 3.


The a grand jury in the 33rd Judicial District Court indicted Rose on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second degree felony, and stalking, a third-degree felony, after he allegedly spiked a woman's coffee with methamphetamine, stole and damaged her property, and threatened her. Rose was also indicted on the misdemeanor count of harassment in county court on the same day.

According to the indictment affidavit, on Jan. 15, Rose put methamphetamine or amphetamine into the victim's coffee. These drugs by definition are considered a deadly weapon, the report stated.

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