City of Burnet Mayor Crista Goble Bromley


City projects lending modern appeal to Burnet

The long-awaited Badger Building renovation is finally coming to its conclusion. Wedding Oak Winery is slated to occupy the space in early fall. If you have had a chance to drive by, you will see that the windows are all in and the masonry work is almost complete. Inside, most of the walls are painted, light fixtures are installed and many of the decorative features are either installed or onsite. It will be a wonderful attraction for the square and for Burnet in general. The Burnet Economic Development Corporation (BEDC), and the City of Burnet who assisted with the project, should be proud of this endeavor. Also, many thanks to the Robertson family who donated the building to the BEDC. Once the project is completed, the Jackson Street parking lot will once again be open to the public and will have a connecting pathway to the Vandeveer Street Parking Lot to facilitate ease of access.


Mayor: Business is booming in Burnet

Burnet is booming in a lot of ways but especially economically.   The Burnet Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) along with the City of Burnet and sometimes other partners can be very proud of their accomplishments as well as their plans for additional development.   

Oftentimes citizens see the results of this type of work but may not be aware of the many months, even years, that are invested in making these things happen, not to mention the dollars that it takes to do so.  

An example is the ribbon cutting ceremony that was just held for the improvements to John W. Hoover Parkway which was a partnership between the BEDC, the City of Burnet, the Burnet Industrial Foundation and Burnet County.  


Bluebonnet Festival will bloom soon in Burnet

This year’s State of the Community was a huge success.  If you didn’t make it, save the date on your calendar for next year.  It’s typically on a Wednesday in early March. Watch the Chamber website ( and/or the City website ( for details.

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