Class C family violence offenses


New law requires tracking family violence history

By Lew K. Cohn

Managing Editor

The Highlander

For 30 years, law enforcement agencies have been required by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure to report felony and non-fine misdemeanor criminal offense histories to the Texas Department of Public Safety in order to maintain eligibility for state grant funds.

Now, a new law which went into effect Sept. 1 will require these agencies also to report fine-only Class C family violence offenses to DPS, which will put additional pressure on counties and cities to make sure their reporting meets compliance.

“Every county in the state of Texas is obligated to be reporting criminal histories to the state,” County Attorney Eddie Arredondo said. “They are obligated to meet a 90 percent reporting rate, and if they fall below that standard, all of a sudden, every nonprofit or county agency or city government becomes ineligible to receive grants from state of Texas.

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