Remembering Randy: City of Burnet dedicates new park in Longoria's memory

City of Burnet Mayor Crista Goble Bromley presents a plaque to the family of late parks supervisor Randy Longoria at a dedication ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 31 after reading a resolution renaming Live Oak Park in honor of Longoria. The family was also given a copy of the resolution, which highlighted Longoria's many charming attributes and stated the dedication of Randy Longoria Park in what Bromley called a “small contribution” compared to the impact he made on the City of Burnet during his 14 years of employment.







By Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

Burnet Bulletin

Members of the City of Burnet, LCRA, and Rotary Club of Burnet honored late parks supervisor Randy Longoria at a dedication ceremony at the newly renovated Randy Longoria Park, formerly Live Oak Park, in recognition of his service to his community and love for children.

Longoria put much of his time and effort into his team's projects after he began working for the City of Burnet in 2004, and his coworkers and community members continue to share the impact he made on their lives, and the renovation of the park.


Joppa, Russell Fork marker dedication Saturday

Contributed/Rachel Bryson
The old iron bridges over North Fork and Russell Fork will be the site of historical marker dedications this Saturday, May 12. The bridges were built more than 100 years ago with proceeds from bond sales approved by county residents.

By Savanna Gregg

Burnet Bulletin

A years-long dream will finally come to fruition for the community of Joppa and the whole of Burnet County on Saturday, May 12. The Russell Fork and North Fork bridges in Joppa will receive their well-deserved Texas Historical Registry recognition at two dedication ceremonies which will be held at the bridges' locations.

The North Fork Bridge, also known as the Joppa Bridge, was built in 1907 and is located at the intersection of County Roads 210, 272, and 200. The Russell Fork Bridge, built in 1911, is located two miles south of the Joppa church on County Road 272.

After the construction of the railroad in the area, the demand for certain goods grew, and the two bridges were built to provide inhabitants with a safe, efficient path to their destinations after inconveniences like flooded low-water crossings in inclement weather.


It will always be 'Ramsey's Way'


On a bright afternoon on Wednesday, Oct. 12, a street sign was unveiled, dedicating a new street in the up-and-coming Honey Rock Ranch subdivision to well beloved community figure, Ramsey Clinton.

Family, community members and city officials were present at the gathering on Wednesday, where City of Burnet Mayor Gary Wideman read a proclamation in Clinton's honor.

“Claude Ramsey Clinton, Sr. contributed to the City of Burnet through many years of service to his community and his country. After serving the Navy during World War II, he demonstrated a love for Burnet and the Highland Lakes through many philanthropic activities...” the mayor read, “the City of Burnet and the Burnet community wish to commemorate Ramsey's life and works in perpetuity by dedicating a roadway in his honor.”

The roadway stretching south westward between US 281 and Honey Rock Boulevard was therefore dedicated, “Ramsey's Way.”

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