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Favorite Main Street Bethlehem returns to downtown Burnet

Special to the Bulletin

This Christmas, visit Bethlehem in Burnet, Texas, as the ancient city of Christ's birth comes alive again as it has each year from the time of Main Street Bethlehem's first presentation in 1993.

Feel the anticipation of Joseph and Mary approaching the gates, urgency quickening their steps. Pick your way through transients, peddlers, the crippled, and aged in the town's fringe. Experience the presence of animals as they affect all aspects of life in that time: camels, donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, and doves.

Explore the narrow streets to faint strains of ancient music and savor the smells of fresh goat butter, campfires, and hot bread. Then immerse yourself in the din of the marketplace – revelers in the tavern, shouted insults to and from the Roman oppressors, merchants, craftspeople, taxpayers and beggars, all seeking money, or position, or revenge.


Harvey's impact reaches the Highland Lakes area

All state parks are open free of charge to people taking shelter from the storms in South Texas. The staff at Inks Lake State Park welcomes Hurricane Harvey refugees with smiles. They include, front from left, Crystal Kohanek, office manager; T.K. Laurendo, park host, and Kristen New: back, from left, Jasmine Scott, interpreter; Nichelle Hodge; Cory Evans, superintendent, and Shawn Greene, assistant manager.



By Glynis Crawford Smith

The Highlander

Estimates have more than 30,000 Texans seeking emergency shelter as the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey continues, but many are safe and dry in the Texas Hill Country.

Mission Marble Falls at St. Frederick Church geared up for a lunch Tuesday, Aug. 29, to welcome people fleeing the storm. Ann Sherman and Ron Farmer had traveled from Port Aransas.

“When they said Harvey would come as a Category 1, we were going to stay,” said Sherman. “Then they said Category 3 or maybe 4.

“Ron said we are going. We grabbed our cat, our records, our pictures and we got out in 45 minutes.”

A few people stayed behind and the couple said the news was disheartening.

“The roof is gone and the ceiling is on the floor,” he said.

Two groups of people from Sweeney who had never met were lunching in the St. Frederick dining room.


First Baptist Church of Burnet celebrates 140th anniversary

Contributed First Baptist Church Pastor Doug Lindley greets Pastor Mark Newton of First Baptist Church of Lufkin with a pat on the back and a smile. Newton who gave the Sunday special service for the 140-year celebration grew up on the First Baptist Church.




First Baptist Church Celebrates 140 years

Christi Bertelson/ Burnet Bulletin

The First Baptist Church spent Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13 celebrating its 140-year Anniversary.

The celebration included dinner, entertainment, historic displays and former staff members as well as a theme for the weekend “Loving Jesus and Serving Burnet since 1877”.

To kick-off the festivities, the church hosted a dinner at 6 p.m. followed by a worship service led by the Singing Women of Texas.

“Eddie brought out the big barbecue pit and cooked hotdogs and hamburgers for about 250 people,” said Justice of the Peace 2, Lisa Whitehead.

“It was fun and like a big family reunion,”

Afterwards, guests enjoyed a time of fellowship and looking through FBC’s historical displays.

“The displays were wonderful,” said Whitehead.

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