Fort Croghan grounds and museum


Take trip back in time at Fort Croghan Day

Brooke Nickel, in her bonnet, and Colt Nickel, in his coonskin cap, both from Leander, get their hands into pottery crafts at Fort Croghan Day last year in Burnet. Fort Croghan Day returns to the historical Burnet County museum this Saturday, Oct. 13.




By Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

Burnet Bulletin

The community is encouraged to take a trip back in time with the Burnet County Heritage Society during the anticipated annual Fort Croghan Day, held at the museum and grounds on Saturday, Oct. 13.

The Fort Croghan Museum and Grounds will come back to life for this fun day, offering visitors a chance to experience life as it was at the fort in the 1850s.

Fort Croghan was commissioned by the United States and built in 1849 as protection for settlers from Native Americans and outlaws, and many families continued to live in the area after the Fort was decommissioned in 1853, dispersing and settling what eventually became the town of Burnet.

Though the old frontier days are now gone, the BCHS has continued to make an effort to preserve the grounds and update the museum to educate the public on life back in the mid-1800s and the settlers who called this area home.

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