Fuchs House Advisory Committee


Fuchs' House survival crucial to county's preservation

Throughout Burnet County lies a history so rich and always worthy of preserving. One piece of history at risk of being lost in time is the Fuchs' House, located in Horseshoe Bay. Nestled among the trees off of Stagecoach lies a house that has withstood the tests of time for approximately 140 years, and with the efforts of a strong community, I hope to see it thrive for 140 more.

The Fuchs' House was built in the late 1870's for Conrad Fuchs and his wife, Anna, and their family. The patriarch of the Fuchs family, Pastor Adolf, his wife Luise, and their children came from Germany in 1846 and made a home for themselves in Texas, building and continuing homes and relationships over the years.

Many family members passed through the area over time, contributing to the ever interesting history of the area. The house served not only as a home, but a stagecoach stop (the stables are located under the house and it is a sight to see!), a community school, and a post office.


Area's historic houses deserve chance

By Caryl Calsyn

Special to the Bulletin

Too many homes of historical value have been torn down or left to rot. Horseshoe Bay has only one still standing and that is the Fuchs (Fox) House and is one of only a few in Burnet County. The house was an important part of our past and can once again be an asset to the community.

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