Hill Country Lawn and Garden Show


Hill Country Garden Show coming up

The annual Hill Country Lawn and Garden Show will be held Saturday, March 30th at the Burnet Community Center 9-3. There will be demonstrations, many vendors, kids’ corner, many plants, and native and garden supplies.

Let’s Build Raised Beds

Why raised beds you might ask? Here in the Hill country our soils are primarily very alkaline: 8+ on the scale. Raised bed gardening allows us to grow those plants that prefer an acidic pH by creating a proper environment. Raised beds also allow us to garden just about anywhere. They also permit us to keep our garden and flower beds closer to home or in a convenient location for us. And yes, painting the outside for a color theme is fun and vibrant.


Lawn & Garden Show is Saturday

Contributed/Sheryl Yantis

A Red Admiral butterfly.  Learn about them and much more at the annual Hill Country Lawn and Garden Show in Burnet Saturday.

By Robert & Sheryl Yantis

Highland Lakes Master Gardeners

Earth-Kind specialists

This Saturday, March 24, is the Hill Country Lawn and Garden Show is not all about plants and garden vendors. It is a time for learning, too and butterflies are on the agenda.

Butterflies are beautiful and mysterious creatures that appear in our gardens in spring and disappear during our cold winter weather. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes that help us identify them.

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