Llano County meth ring busted through law enforcement cooperation




By Lew K. Cohn

Managing Editor

Burnet Bulletin

On Monday, May 14, Kingsland resident Shaun Daughtry — fed up with the presence of methamphetamine dealers and users in his neighborhood off Lover's Laner — put up a sign on his property declaring the area to be a “meth-free zone.”

Daughtry told The Highlander he was worried about children who lived in the area coming in contact with drug use as well as a lack of sanitary conditions at a trailer home in the area that was a reputed manufacturing lab for methamphetamine.

Daughtry said he witnessed trash and human feces being burned outside one home and was horrified to think children might be exposed to disease due to the filfth. He was hopeful local law enforcement could do something to get rid of the drug dealers and users in Llano County.


Llano police chase ends at CR 122

A Saturday night police pursuit through Marble Falls ended when the suspect vehicle collided into this building near the 2000 block of US 281 after hitting a loaded horse trailer and flipping the vehicle. The suspects were quickly apprehended by police.

By Richard Zowie

Burnet Bulletin

An 18-year-old Llano man sustained injuries of a busted lip after allegedly leading police officers on a high-speed chase that ended at County Road 122 at approximately 12:49 a.m. on May 20.

According to Llano County Sheriff Bill Blackburn, 18-year-old Andrew Charles Spence Belew allegedly stole a 2011 Chevrolet HHR and begain driving with it.

After his sister called the police but added that she didn't know where he was headed, police officers reportedly spotted him at in Kingsland.

Blackburn said once the officer followed Belew and flipped on his lights, Belew then allegedly led them on a pursuit that reached speeds of 125 mph.

Besides Llano County, police officers from Granite Shoals Police Department and Burnett County Sheriff's Office also participated in the pursuit.


Police: woman strikes man with vehicle



One Burnet County man is in the hospital and one Burnet woman is in jail after police said her vehicle struck the man while he was walking down TX 29.

Michele Lee Weems, 34, was arrested on charge of intoxicated assault with a vehicle on Monday, June 13, after police said she hit Robby Stockwell, 38, while he was walking down the highway.

The collision occurred at 7:30 p.m. that evening, when it was still daylight. Weems was driving a white 2001 Chevrolet pickup truck.

“She was driving eastbound in the 2200 block of TX 29 east of the railroad tracks,” said Burnet Police Chief Paul Nelson. “Stockwell was walking westbound on the south side of the road towards Burnet.”

Nelson said Weems “admitted at the scene she was texting and driving,” and that she thought she had struck a mailbox.

“She came back and found him in a bar ditch,” Nelson said. “He had serious injuries to his entire body.”


Payton Rayne Martinez

Payton Rayne Martinez

May 25, 2011~April 5, 2016


Payton Rayne “Precious Payton” Martinez passed away Tuesday, April 5, 2016 in Llano at the age of 4. 

She was born May 25, 2011 in Round Rock, Texas to Emoryee Berreles and Omar Martinez Jr. She loved watching YouTube videos, opening surprise blind bags, planting and picking flowers with her Mimi, digging for worms, long baths, strawberry ice cream, going to Mimi and Pawpaw’s, playing with her dog, Peppa Pig, going to Journey fellowship and tickling her favorite guy, James.

Precious Payton also loved playing hide and seek, stomping bugs, treasure hunting, playing in the sand at her G’pa’s, going to the zoo, eating cheese dip at Rosita’s, visiting with Laurie and Steven, going to the ranch with her Susan, going to pre-k, playing with Jancie and Taylee and numerous other things.

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