Luke Perry death brings attention to strokes


Perry's death brings attention to strokes

It is remarkable how the passing of a celebrity, a person you knew only through the television screen, can profoundly affect you. I was shocked Monday, March 5, as I learned of the passing of actor Luke Perry at the young age of 52, near the age of my parents. I opened my phone, saw the Facebook post – an old photo from back in the day, with the years “1966-2019” printed underneath – and my stomach dropped to the floor.

It might be silly to mourn someone I would have never met in the real world, but I sat there remembering all the times I swooned seeing him on screen watching my recorded episodes of “Beverly Hills 90210,” and how I cried when he perfectly portrayed the life and legacy of the late Lane Frost in the movie “8 Seconds,” and thought how precious and fleeting time is. A large part of my childhood consisted of old shows from the 80's and 90's, so it is certainly unnerving when those I watched on television for years are no longer on this earth.

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