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Protein crisis grips local food pantries

Savanna Gregg/Burnet Bulletin
Due to a scarcity of nonperishable food items at the Central Texas Food Bank, local food pantries are experiencing a protein shortage this month. LACare Food Pantry Director Lottie McCorkle and her volunteers, along with the Burnet County Hunger Alliance, are asking their communities to donate extra packs and cans of tuna, cans of SPAM and Vienna sausages, and canned beans to help fill their shelves.







By Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

Burnet Bulletin

As Burnet County food pantries continue to combat the hunger epidemic, officials have unveiled a new gap in the type of food needed locally and have asked for the public's help to donate more protein-rich, nonperishable items.

Although Highland Lakes food pantries receive food from the Central Texas Food Bank on a regular basis, members of the Burnet County Hunger Alliance revealed the facilities have received considerably less canned protein this year.

Officials explained that the decrease in proteins have affected operations at the pantries and ultimately the health of those who rely on them.

“All of the food banks in the area are in the same boat; we are in a crisis of needing proteins,” said Burnet's LACare Director Lottie McCorkle.

The alliance meets every month to discuss their methods of fighting hunger in their communities.

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