Limitless memories made at No Limits, Texas

By Savanna Gregg

Staff Writer

Burnet Bulletin

There is no denying the sense of community one feels when part of a group that shares the same interests. Each year I have the opportunity to gather with fellow NASCAR fans and take part in an entire weekend of camp food, racing, and sunburns at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, and each year I am reminded of the affect the race weekend has on me and everyone else present.

My husband, Adam, has been going to the NASCAR races since he was a young boy, but I just started going about four years ago, but I grew up as the daughter of a NASCAR fan, and remember watching the drivers fly around various tracks on TV, back in the days of Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr.


They keep tearing down this Old Coot's memories

Every time I read my print edition replica of the Houston Chronicle online, I read where they’ve’ torn down something else from the great memories of my past. (The headline reference to Old Coot, is a club I organized a few years back. Anyone either past retirement age and/or disenchanted with what young whippersnappers are doing to our world can be a member.)

Latest in the Sad Headline Category is the announcement that they knocked down the old Houston Club building. No, I didn’t belong to the club or any other such bastion of exclusivity but my first job upon graduation from college with that wonderful JOURNALISM DEGREE was as associate editor of a magazine for an association headquartered in that building. 

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